Husaberg Motorcycles Failure Areas

This information is generally accepted for all Husaberg motorcycles. Your Husaberg motorcycle will most likely fail in these problematic areas, unless you make the following upgrades…

Kickstart Shaft

The kickstart shaft, Item 14 on Page 35 of the 2003 Husaberg Spare Parts service manual,  shows the replacement kickstart shaft Part No. 230156-01. I think the final configuration was a 2004 model, which is listed in the 2004 Parts Book as 2003 Part No. 800.33.050.000. I strongly recommend getting the 2004 part number.

The diameter of the shaft next the spline was necked way down in the 2001/2002 design IIRC, and kept breaking. The replacement part is larger in diameter and is significantly stronger. (JoeUSA)

Side-by-side comparison of upgraded kickstart shaft.
Side-by-side comparison of upgraded kickstart shaft. (sandskipper)


The rivets on the silencer will loosen and wear as an oval. Replace regularly.

Speedometer Support

It’s strongly recommended your speedometer is supported by a billet aluminum surround. The Panoram/Trailtech will break after a couple falls, and fitting a billet surround will work much better.

Gear Lever

The gear lever loosens. Use Loctite, or a longer screw with a locknut is better. The 2004 lever is made of curved alloy.

Ignition Cover

Wiring tube splits – plastic is brittle. Shepherds crook the end to stop water entering. Use a zip tie and silicon. Water comes down the ignition wire tube, so kink 180d and zip tie hard! Drill hole in case from underneath. Will self-dry. Fit loose split pin. To stop getting moisture in, silicon sidecover on. Running engine will push water out.

Ignition Stator

Corrosion and rust is a reason for failure. Cover the ignition stator in Vaseline.

Wiring around Battery and Headstock

Acres can be removed as actually unnecessary. Most wires around battery solenoid do little, stator wiring tube should be replaced and fed around back of starter motor. Change the fusebox to “staple” type fuse.

Mud Guard Rear Reflector

Hits rear tire on first ride. Remove now or it WILL be removed for you-first ride!

R/H/S Seat Holding Bracket

Breaks after a few falls. Weld to strengthen appropriately.

H/D Tubes Fitted

Reduce punctures. Can run tire pressures safely down to 5-8psi in the mud.

Forged Levers

The standard levers break every time, but the short Apico forged levers with gold tint will never break:

  • Apico Part No. LEC-51