Husaberg Motorcycle Year Changes

For information about year recognition for all model years and engine numbers:

2001 Husaberg Motorcycles

2001 Husaberg FS650c 2001 Husaberg FE650e 2001 Husaberg FC550 2001 Husaberg

Thanks to Goran for the pictures! 

2002 Husaberg Motorcycles

2002 Husaberg FC470e 2002 Husaberg FE501e 2002 Husaberg FS650c 2002 Husaberg FX650e

Second year of this engines version production run and the penultimate year for genuine Swedish production.


The motorcycle was given a stainless end to muffler instead of the carbon item.


Suspension updated. The 2002 has .042 springs from .044’s, and two-speed compression damping on the rear.

Engine Changes

The factory made a change to the gear mesh of all gears in the sidecover during the year and the parts aren’t cross-usable. See Engine Upgrades.


  • Graphics were mellowed down
  • New seat cover
  • Factory wanted to go with a digital speedo, but just missed the deadline, and went into production still with the old gear

2003 Husaberg Motorcycles

This motorcycles are fitted with larger radius axle pins, which stop front end twisting in falls and wheels now swap with KTM. The forks have 3-bush set up and sussies are re-valved. New decals and seat cover. Same Dell Orto and ignition. Swing arm pin prettier. Plasticoated HT leads (too long for 2002). Modified solenoid and less wires abound here and in general. Front guard is now KTM style droop nose in yellow. Downpipe to center section becomes an over-fit and not in-fit. A digital speedo is fitted but dealer must make adjustments.

2003 Husaberg Cylinder Head Bleed Screw
2003 Husaberg Cylinder Head Bleed Screw (Berger)


Cylinder head ‘jacket’ modified for better liquid cooling and bleed screw on the right. The bridging arm across the middle of the rocker inspection entrance is removed. Balance shaft had double row ball bearings as a precaution. Stirrup camchain guide upgraded for better shape. Con rod length of the 650 up from 134 to 135mm. Rocker breather spigot is more vertical, the clutch is upgraded to use steel dowels on the inner drum for less wear and better neutral. Extra screw in sidecover behind kickstart boss. Seal on left of crank along with shouldered dowel to seal the crankcase better.

2004 Husaberg Motorcycles

2004 Husaberg FC Motorcross 2004 Husaberg FE Enduro 2004 Husaberg FS Supermotard

They have a nice dinky top clamp nut, a sweet looking swingarm pin. It’s now a 450 (470/650 piston with a new shorter stroke at 57mm-shorter even than the 400!), it has a Keihin FCR MK2 carb, Kokusan ignition with throttle position sensor (TPS), the 470/501 head (from 35/27 to 35/30). New graphics. Shocks re-worked. Owner can now adjust digital speedo on the bike. Braided clutch hose.


Gear lever and triple clamp post. New swing arm chain guide.


Clutch has it’s own cover on the sidecover and in magnesium-as is the ignition cover. The 2003 or 2004 get the hardened gearbox selector ‘claw’, uprated rocker assembly with smaller follower roller pins but larger axle. Rocker arms and shafts have been revised. Lighter cases. The top end goes back to splash feed so the cambearings have a double rubber seal each. The con rod has a new steel caged roller bearing for more durability. The crankshaft has several revisions for 2004 including a lubrication port for the counter balancer. The 650 camshaft for 2004 has increased duration and lift though peak acceleration rates are unchanged.


The steering head angle has been steepened by 1.5° (splat), so much so that the headers are known to rub the front tyre on compression. The 2005 header pipes cure this. Here you can see a comparison of the steering head angle on a 2005 compared to a 2001 (Husabutt):

Husaberg Axle Measurement Husaberg Steering Head Angle

2005 Husaberg Motorcycles

Higher sweep which raises your elbows, is straighter and feels better. Motorcycle now sports titanium valves for FC/FX but steel still for Fe’s. New graphics but is generally accepted as a year of less radical change. Completely new exhaust said to aid power. Phenomenally strong battery means they all start on the button from cold. 450 soft off the bottom end, no KTM-type wheelspin but appears to be the first year without even medium type ‘faults’. FCs get an adjustable steering stem ala KTM allowing the trail to be adjusted 2- 0 +2mm. FS gets the 17mm triple Clamps: the first time a modern Husaberg isn’t running the standard 22’s.

The 650 has been reduced from 644 to 628cc with the stroke being shortened from 82 to 80mm, rod length remains 135mm. Also Husaberg goes to a ‘pork chop’ crank instead of the original circular flywheel. Here are the observations of a top engineer, Ben Ballard of JBS Racing, who develops 750cc conversion kits:

  1. The big end pin has been uprated from 32mm to 35mm. The are using a slightly different heavier section rod, and have had to mill about 2mm off of the bottom of the rod just to get it clear the cases. The rod does not have the small hole under the little end facing down, drilled through the web anymore instead a hole is drilled at the top. This strikes me as a really good idea.
  2. An oil jet has been added to the cases pointing at the bottom of the piston in the 12 o’clock position above the drive side bearing KTM style. 2005 also had this. This seems good to me, though perhaps un-necessary I can’t believe oil doesn’t flick up there as it bleeds out of the sides of the rod bearing. (not sure about this Ben as my 2002 has it as well!).
  3. The water ways in the cases that feed the slots below the exhaust ducts in the head have been widened from 6mm holes to 6 x 12mm slots, and the head has been similarly milled in all the water ways. Also they have used a different core in the casting for the water jacket.
  4. The piston is now anodized stock. This I think is a good idea. It seems to help on all fronts, being very hard it helps with wear, being low conductivity it helps with piston temp, the crowns of anodized pistons seem to accumulate less soot etc don’t know whether this is because they stay cooler or perhaps soot doesn’t like sticking to oxide.

2006 Husaberg Motorcycles

2006 allegedly slimmer tank (doesn’t appear to be), not as close to radiator for better cooling and space for a cooling fan. Spark plug can be removed in situ. New color scheme with a blue tank and dark blue seat. Rear number plate and light unit is now angled over similar to acerbis (known to retro fit all later models). Rear shock’s needle is now designed for a straight rate spring and NOT progressive. Very little change bar the cosmetics. A new nifty-shaped kickstart lever is fitted.

2007 Husaberg Motorcycles

2007 is the year of suspension changes. Starting at the front, all the bikes come with CNC milled triple clamps containing an aluminum stem that’s eccentric and can change the offset – or + 1mm(?). The forks are the long awaited ‘cartridge fork’ with a great deal done to reduce friction as well as 12mm aluminum rods (old 14mm steel) helping chamber capacity. The fork caps have preload adjustment built in. The rear shock revalved. The silencers are mounted further from the tyre for safety. New graphics. 550 bottom end beefed up. The forks are now 5mm longer making them the same length as the KTMs. Crankcases were beefed up around the mains.

2008 Husaberg Motorcycles

Welcome to the last year for this engine! Front fork and shock absorber: updated settings, both wheels: black rims, machined hubs and lighter spokes, easy front axle pull, new wavey brake disc (front and rear) on all enduro models, fuel tank: New small 7.5 litre on all european enduro models, special crown (durnicode) – no oxidising or galling, CDI-Box: new programmed ignition curve for all enduro models for improved traction and control, oil plug: CNC machined, anodized blue, front brake cylinder cover: CNC machined, anodized blue on all enduro models, hydraulic clutch cover: CNC machined, anodized blue, cover for supermoto brake CNC machined, anodised blue on all Supermoto models, new darker graphics. Slight jetting changes mean that they only have a red sticker for California. New radiator rod for the louvers to slide over and the shrouds to bolt to. It’s made from steel and is hexed for a wrench or socket to tighten or remove! (Part No. #800-35-036-100).