Husaberg Motorcycle Upgrades

These upgrades are better than the new parts that come on your Husaberg. This information is generally accepted for all Husaberg motorcycles.

Second Earth Wire

Improve circuit. Anything to help starting – standard on 2003+

Braking on the Front

Poor initial bite. Fit Apico pads, great for loose dirt but weak still for the road. Adjusting the lever away makes the feel ‘wooden’ whilst closer adjustment creates good feel. It may feel like the lever wants to come back to the bar, but in real life it will be nowhere near!

Fuel Pipes

Hard, fluffy and furry on the ends. Buy a length of fuel pipe from e.g. Yamaha. Malleable & flexible.

Husqvarna 610 Fuel Tap for Husaberg
Fuel tap from Husqvarna 610. Stops burning the fuel hose on headers. (bergoroadracer)


Runs down easily. Try a YTZ7S which has 40% more cranking amps, it is exactly the same fit and is a “gel-cell”. Needs the “Energy Plus Optimate Battery Charger”.

Year 2000 Battery: Use a Yusa YTX9-BS battery. At 8 amps and 120 CCA it makes turning over the engine on the E-start real easy. It is also an exact fit in 2000 models.

Speedo Fitted

Panoram trailtech. Caliper mounting will need to be drilled and shaped. Magnet on disc. Panoram billet surround – Trailtech breaks so protect it with this. Total with above is expensive. You can try a unit made for bicycles. For Husaberg OEM try the 2004 digital clock / unused new from a supermoto? Must be re-calibrated due to wheel size change. The 2003’s have to be done by a shop, and the 2004’s are owner programmable.


Some recommended high quality sparkplugs:

  • Nippon Iridium IXU24

Making “reserve” work

Wanna know when you’re going to run dry! Unscrew taps and check which of the two holes is for “on”. You need to press fit 4mm hollow tube into here on each tap. 100mm long should give you plenty of notice and will fit inside the fuel filter (Fontana 302).

Forged levers

Try forged apico levers, they never ever break! They can be ordered on the clutch side as either long or short – LEC52GP and on the brake side they are just short – LEB51SGP. You can tell who has them fitted because they have a slight golden hue to them.


Upgrade (Brad). Reflector from a 1992 – 1996 TE Husky, it takes a H4 halogen 55/60-watt bulb.

Improved Headlight

Baja Designs sells a glass lensed headlight kit that is an exact replacement for the poor light and plastic lens in our OEM Berg masks. The glass lens allows more light out to light the trail better and further out in front of you. It comes with several bulb options: 50/60-watt H4 bulb or the 80/80-watt H4 Super-White bulb. It’s their KTM EXC Upgrade Kit part number 60-0037

Oil Filter Forever

Scotts stainless oil filter. Same one and for good!

Stator Repair

Repaired at reasonable cost – someone here who repairs them and sends a better regulator!

Earlier Chain Guide

The old 2003 chain protector (120 155 01) works better than the new one, and keeps muck off the chain so it will last longer.

Radiator Louvers

Honda CRF 450 Radiator Louvers for Husaberg
CRF 450 radiator louvers to maximize airflow (Viking)

Wheel spacers

Made of alloy and wears easily. Remove one rubber seal using a miniature screwdriver/bradawl, dentist’s pick and pack with a grease and oil mixture every tire change. Replace seal and leave.

Engine breather

Route a long pipe to front sprocket. The WR400 isn’t bad and doesn’t have to be touched. Note: ’04s have two breathers from the top of the rocker cover. Vent down through course sponge or a PVC filter. Locate pipe high but turn end down. Split pin through pipe if using some course sponge to keep it in. Factory crank case venting – plugged rear vent spigot, threaded plug, 19 mm hose attached to front spigot, routed down and vented near front right motor mount. Frame hole plugged with plastic cover. No filter on hose.

Rear brake

Overly strong and no feel. Remove 30% of pad area vertically through middle… It works! (Lineaweaver)

Runs cold in Winter

Fit an in-line thermostat (part #800.35.013.044) (Lineaweaver)