Husaberg Motorcycle Rider Comfort

This information is generally accepted for all Husaberg motorcycles.

Bars Rotated Down

Undo mounts and rotate down. Allows hand palms to sit evenly for less discomfort.

Bar Comfort

The 2005 bars are said to have a better feel and rise higher. Try Magura SX bars rather than the EX that come standard (adrian). And the Carmichael bend shape and style could be better. Cut off 3/4″ off each end for riding off-road in the woods.

Pro-Grip 719 Grips

In yellow or dark blue. Less vibration, color coded, great for stopping blisters.

Bars Lifted 1.5″

Husaberg Bars Lifted 1.5″

Large alloy spacers. If you have the bars at the standard height it can get hairy on fast runs on rough ground, raising them 1″-1.5″ helps with control. However the bars can be very tiring in woods due to a) being so wide and the rider moving for and aft when turning and b) the throwing left to right and trying to avoid trees with a wide bike. Try taking 3/4-1″ off each end for a less tiring ride, keeping them low and hanging on down the straight! With high bars your inside leg can get up and forward in corners. Note: remember that this takes weight OFF the front.

Bar Mounts Nearer

Eccentric bar mounts. For reaching that far bar in tight corners!

Narrow Bars

Chop 15-20mm off the ends. Hit less trees and easier to reach far bar, less effort to ride. However the kill switch now needs to sit on the curve. Well worth doing…

Softer Seat

Husaberg Softer Seat

Very sore after an hour or two. Guts Racing USA does a softer foam.

Taller Seat

Husaberg Taller Seat

If you’re long in the leg or an expert class rider then well worth it. Taller foam-fantastic. I even added another 1″ to the taller seat and this flatter top allows excellent movement back and forth as well as allowing the rider to get his leg between the bars and the top of the tank. It uses a lot less energy. A very good racing investment!

Narrower Tank

This can be done by using a heat gun on the outside of the tank whilst the inside sits on a flat surface. Apply pressure down with wood etc. Capacity is about 8 Ltr but the tank is really comfortable and the legs can get right forwards.

Later Kickstart Lever

The later kickstart lever (shorter by 1.5cm) makes the motorcycle easier to start!