Crashing Husaberg Motorcycles

This information is generally accepted for all Husaberg motorcycles.

Husaberg motorcycles scratch fairly easily, but they still look good with the scratches.


Change to forged Apico levers.

Hand Guards

Add some hand guards. They will help!

Front Forks

2002 was the last year with small spindles, therefore the front forks will always twist when you crash.

Seat Subframe

The seat subframe is part of the frame, but doesn’t seem to suffer for it.

Headlamp Shroud

The headlamp shroud snaps on the mounting pins too easily.


All plastic can be considered cheap.

Tail Unit Support

The R/H metal strip that supports the tail unit is weak and breaks easily.

Water Pump

The water pump is susceptible to flying stones. Buy a water pump guard protector.