Common Husaberg Motorcycle Problems

This information is generally accepted for all Husaberg motorcycles.

Cam Follower Bearings – Pre 2003

They all go eventually. They break up and go down the chain tunnel. It’s due to the vicious ramp speed of the cam creating pressure on everything around it such as follower, cam chain and cam bearings. The cure is to fit a better cam such as an LX2 or a later factory 08 then the bearings will survive. Also a softer dual valve spring kit will do the same thing. The cam bearing cure is to change to 6201RS2c3 which are sealed bearings and retain their grease permanently.

Stator / Ignition

This is the SEM ignition used until end of 2003. Can be no spark or runs and stall’s moments later-see electrical. Stator’s can lose varnish, go rusty and crack their plasticoating. You’re lucky or you’re not! It’s heat related (Lineaweaver). The copper windings ahave a poor insulation coating and earth out. Sparks does an amazing job of rewiring them. More info here.

Oil Leak – From Cylinder Head-Rocker Cover Joint

Oil seeping around front: Either the breather tube dowel is loose or oil is seeping from head/rocker interface: We used to plane the rocker cover but the best cure bar none is to buy one product: Wurth sabesto RTV silicon sealant (black).

Water Pump Weep Hole Leaks: Water or Oil

This is a very common problem on Husabergs of all ages. It can happen because the bearing has gone U/S or the W/P seal has gone. If coolant is leaking from the hole: the waterpump seal has gone. The waterpump seal often goes when fitting the sidecover when it ‘nips’ and the cure is to get a proper tool for aiding the fitting. Another top is to only stare at the shaft coming through the seal and adjust as you go. Forget the kick start and gear change shafts. For a tip on weep hole oil leaks, look here. If it’s an oil leak then perhaps you clipped the edge off the ‘O’ ring on the shaft, the bearings face seal is totally gone or occasionally it’s the bearing.


If aluminium, they wear too quickly so go straight to steel.

Sprague Bearing

If you continually start the bike from cold with the leccy boot, the sprague will ‘spin through’. The whole system (battery, starter, sprague) was beefed up for 2004 and no more problems. Try to start it with your foot and only when warm go to the leccy boot. The whole story of upgrading is told under ‘upgrading’.

Kickstart Seal

Oil weeps from the boss even when 10 minutes old! Uprated in 2003+ to a fat 3mm thick ‘O’ ring.

Sidestand Plates

Wear oval. Eventually the end hammers a hole in the bottom of the tailpipe. You’ll need to have a top hat bush made and have it done properly.

Clutch Pipe

Splits and weeps. One fall, it leaks at top flexy knuckle. Upgraded 2003, but can also use a KTM 250F pipe.

Water Pump Pipe Off

Just pops off on left cover. Needs a taller barb/lip. Build up lip.

Crankshaft Snap – 2004

The oil drilling in the big end was excessively large causing some cranks to fail. For 2005, the drilling was smaller canceling the chance of failure.

Loose Crankshaft Nut

Appears to be a problem from 2004 to present. Engine becomes excessively noisy. The nut bottoms against the thread and not against the crank gear allowing the gear to remain slightly loose. Add a washer under the nut.