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BRod June 24th, 2017 12:40 PM

2nd set of wheels 21/18 or 17/17?
Iím a few clicks away from adding a 2nd set of wheels (with cush drive rear) to my standard off-road knobby set. Having ridding the Berg on the streets and some highways lately while sorting out my stalling issues, Iíve discovered a fondness for cruising around the city on my 570. It is much more fun on the Berg than on my RC51 when the speeds are below 70 mph. Iím leaning toward a Warp 9 set, but my quandary is whether to go with the same size/stock wheel setup (21/18) or a supermoto setup (17/17)?

Originally my goals for the new set were:
1) Cush drive rear to prevent premature countershaft wear
2) Street friendly tires
3) Appropriately sized sprocket ratio for higher speed travel

The 21/18 setup would also provide:
1) More DS tire options
2) Better for off-road
3) Speedometer still works/reads correctly
4) Slightly less expensive than the 17/17 setup
5) Stock front brake setup should work just fine (I hope)

The 17/17 setup however provides:
1) More street/sport tire options
2) Better turn-in and street handling
3) My 17 yo son thinks they look cool, I kinda do too

Questions for those of you who have either or maybe both: What else am I missing? Is the handling on the street much better with the 17/17 setup? Is the off-road ability of the 17/17 horrible? Iím a good two hours from off-road trails, and would likely NOT do much dual sporting, but it might be nice to have the option, just in case.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Rainerio June 24th, 2017 08:37 PM

I think 17/17 Matching FS width of rims is better selection of tires for street. But You should get a 320mm front disk and bracket to make work. You need the extra braking power. But if money is no problem get a FS570 full motard is best!! I did love them both. I have a Warp9 front not using it right now part of the reason is brake caliper is hitting the spokes still sorting that out. So do you homework!

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