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Best SM wheel set-up

I want to SM my 02 FE501. Just for road legal fun poss some track & def able to swop back to enduro easily.
Im able & willing to have a go but Im no master mechanic so I want to make life as easy as poss but not pay through the nose. Id appreciate your comments albeit Im probably going to ask the b**@dy obvious.

1/ Front 17 120 x 70 yes / no.

2/ Rear 17 160 x 60 yes / no some say the 160 is too wide & needs shaving down ?

3/ I believe the FE02 has a 20mm front spindle & 25mm rear ?? so I assume its easier or ok for me to shim up to fit a front wheel with a 26mm spindle or is this too complicated a job and should find one with the correct diameter.

4/ Id guess the hub width must be fairly critical as even with spacers youd still need the disc to be in the right place whilst maintaining the wheel in a more or less central position and the rear even more so as the sprocket would need to line up....or not ??

5/ How important is a cush drive.

6/ Whats the ideal sprocket sizes for road use (front & rear).

7/ Do you really need the big front disc.

8/ Are there any no nos like dont get a wheel off a Honda xyz because it will never fit or is it easy enough to make any 17 fit.

To summarise in its simplest form;

a/ What is the full technical spec of my ideal wheel set-up given the above.

b/ Cheapest option any wheels modified to fit what to avoid if any ??

c/ Mid price option get an 00 02 KTM set-up off e-bay. Any other straight forward swap overs for an 02FE ?

d/ Top price love to but not going there.

Cheers in advance. (ps & thanks Freaky for previous comments)
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