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WP 5018 Adjusments?

Today I`ve tryed to adjust the rebound and compression on the rear suspension at my Husaberg FE 600 -00, beacuse I want more rebound and comp. But I only found one adjusment screw, and that was a black one made of plastic att the top of the shock absorber (this is the compressor adjustment screw?) I turned att the knob, but the shock absorber didn`t change. What can be wrong?

And the rebound, where do I find the adjustment for rebound att the shock absorber?
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Re: WP 5018 Adjusments?


If you don't have a owners manual for your bike, you can download one for free @

First of all you need to pay special attention to the + & - signs on the compression adjuster knob, which is the black knob on top of the shock. On the older bikes turning the knob clockwise would decrease the amount of slow speed compression damping.

The rebound adjuster is a recessed screw at the base of the shock just above the swingarm, and is a little difficult to get to, but, can be done with a thin blade screw driver. On this adjuster, turning it clockwise will increase the amount of low speed rebound damping.

According to the owners manual the standard compression setting for your bike on the shock is the 5th click from full counter clockwise. In other words turn the knob counter clockwise until in stops with light pressure, find the nearest click, that will be position one, then turn clockwise 4 more clicks, and you will be at position 5.

For the shock, turn the screw at the base of the shock clockwise lightly until it stops, find the nearest click which will be position 1, and then back it out 17 more clicks which will put you at position 18 which is the standard setting.

At this point I must ask how many hours are on the suspension?? If the answer is " I don't know" or more than 20, you must get your susupension serviced, as no matter how much adjusting you do it's really not going to help b/c in all likely hood your suspensions oil is worn out. Which not only means that it is not damping correctly, but, has also lost a lot of it's lubricating properties and your components are wearing themselves out.

Further, it is also critical that you have the proper springs for your weight, and have set the sag of the rear spring correctly to achieve proper handling. No amount of clicker fiddling will overcome incorrect set up.
There should be about 30-35mm of static sag on the rear, and about 100-105mm of sag with you on the bike.

If you would tell me how much you weigh, and whether or not you have the stock springs, I can tell you whether or not you have the right springs.

Hope this helps, and should you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
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5018, adjusments

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