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May 29th, 2004, 03:06 PM   #1
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I Ride:
First Ride on Dick's Racing Revalve

The first word that comes to mind is "WOW!"

This suspension is awesome.
I rode miles of whoops, miles of deep sand washes, hardpack with sand on top, hardpack covered with rocks and boulders. This suspension soaked up everything. Even 10 inch rocks at 40+ mph, the bike just went straight over them. I rode a gear higher on each section. The bike turns like never before; especially on the hardpack covered with sand. I used to slip and slide all over that stuff. The bike sticks like glue. The whoops were cake. The sand was awesome; 5th gear revved, cruising through the washes for miles sweeping back and forth and flying over the whoops.

Hillclimbs were better. The back tire used to dance all around, now it goes straight up, no problem. Switchback halfway up the hill? No problem. Downhills before the revalve were difficult, the rear wheel would always break loose and slide sideways. Now the bike goes down straight, I can brake if I need to slow and I don't slide.

Worth every penny!
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May 29th, 2004, 10:36 PM   #2
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I Ride:

Sounds great! I have been wanting to soften the ride on my bike and have been considering some fork work as well. I sure like your discription of the new riding charicteristics, how does this compare to any of the other upgrades you have done to the bike? Best one by far??? Does he send any literature with the forks on how to adjust for different types of riding or better yet... what not to do? Thanks for your time.

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May 30th, 2004, 12:03 PM   #3
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I Ride:
I tried the bladder on the rear shock and a local guy removed some shims in the fork.
He was supposed to reshim the shock, but Dick's Racing called to tell me the rear shim stacks were still stock.

The bike was better than stock, but still had the midstroke harshness.

The $350+ I spent 3 monthes ago was a waste of money.

It's a good thing that I kept the old piston and fork shims.
Dick's believes the piston is better than the bladder.
He reinstalled the piston, and revalved the shock.

He is right, it is tremendously better; when valved properly.

The suspension is so much better now. It is totally different, in a great way.

The bike turns on a dime, now. I didn't know the suspension would affect low speed turning. Wow, what a difference.
High speed turns are FUN! No more push.
No more front tire knifing in the sand.

This is what a revalve should do. It is incredible.

The suspension damping is progressive.

The fork has a plush adjustment for roots, rocks, ruts, etc.
Then the fork has a bottoming resistance adjustment for 'g' out, jumps, etc.
He doesn't talk high speed or low speed because so many people argue whether whoops or rocks are high or low. Everyone agrees on plushness and bottoming resistance definitions. He also offers a midstroke adjuster for m/x use. If your not jumping 70 feet, you really don't need that option.

To be honest, I put the bike together and didn't even look for the literature for adjusting. This is so good right now, that I will be making adjustments in very small increments and only after alot of riding.

A common compliment that I read about his work is that it is very, very good as delivered. I've read some guys never touched the settings. I'll experiment a little after a couple more rides.

This rates right up there with a good pair of boots and a good vented helmet.
Makes the ride more fun and safer.
Riding is less fatigueing when you have good suspension.

I want to try a riding buddy's CRF250 next. Everyone raves how good the CRF250 handles. So many people say the WP set-up can't compare to the CRF, but now that I know how good the WP really can be, I want to try the CRF. It will be an interesting comparison.
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