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gregfreefaller November 25th, 2017 12:13 AM

Suspension servicing
Hi all.

Just embarking on a build project and printed off the service and parts manuals.

On the back sheets I've seen that the fork oil should be done every 20 hours. My bike is a 2002 and just used as a road toy. Is every 20hours really necessary?

I haven't done them this time I've owned this bike and I didn't do it when I last owned it. I'm pretty sure the big inbetween it wasn't used much.

So I'm guessing I should probably get them serviced and set up? Is there much to servicing a fork and rear shock?

My mum lives near to kais so I'm tempted to send them away?

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Taffy November 25th, 2017 12:54 AM

the rear shock is not a home job. full stop. no chance at all.

forks, well if you only had a couple of tools then maybe but like anything, you'll do the job without seeing things. they would see them.

I'd get the rear shock done first because that has never been serviced and there's only 150cc of oil in there doing all that work.

I xcan do your shock or forks. even re-valve them. but you knew that.

thing is, you wouldn't give me 300 for doing a full engine rebuild and now you'll pay kais what? 300 for two services on your suspension.

nowt as queer as folk.


gregfreefaller November 25th, 2017 01:01 AM

300 wasn't for a build. It was 300 labour charge then there was the parts ontop. So probably well over a grand in the end. I'm happy with building engines, it's just the differences between engine units I need advice with. As for suspension it's not something I've ever touched. I know the guys at kais, my mum knows the owner well (sounds dodgy [emoji23]) so they came to mind. I know kais has a brilliant reputation with suspension services.

I can get on with the build of the engine whilst someone else does the other bits.

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Taffy November 25th, 2017 01:27 AM

that's right. 300 was for the labour for a complete engine. you'll pay nearly that at kais for their work just for the labour.


gregfreefaller November 25th, 2017 01:31 AM

Kais was just a suggestion as I know of them. Won't be using them if it costs mods than my bikes worth lol.

I just wanted to know if it was a straight forward oil out n oil in, but as you said it's not. Thanks for clearing it up.

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FE350 November 29th, 2017 10:37 PM

OMG 300 for a fork service????? thats about 800cdn. we charge 125cdn lol. It only takes a half hour to do?? You guys pay way to much for service over yonder.

Taffy November 30th, 2017 12:21 AM

you haven't read it correctly at all. read it again.


tourist November 30th, 2017 01:37 AM

I don't know if Husaberg rear shocks are qualitatively different than the similar-looking rear shocks in the DR-Z400, but the DRZ shock is home-revalveable and home-rebuildable if you have the inclination and a modicum of tools.

gregfreefaller December 27th, 2017 11:46 PM

All done. 75 for the fronts 75 for the rear. Used DCR in Preston in the end.

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bushmechanic December 28th, 2017 12:34 AM

nice one DCR!

FWIW wp shocks at home can be done, there are 2 pistons and the reservoir needs a schrader fitted if you want to pressurize it yourself

its not like a jap shock but its easier than actually dealing with certain "specialists"

there is a fantastic thread on it on ktmtalk in suspension

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