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August 2nd, 2017, 11:45 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by rosenberg 450 08 View Post
When it comes down to setups, I am old and Roo Ted knees and back are RS so I have had to go with less compression than I should and I am 130KG and use the stock springs, I just back off when it comes to something I have to slow down for.
I went riding with slow riders in a spot I did not know the tracks and bugger that, riding as slow as them was a real pain as it hammered the body, I tend to poke along quickly and just float over all the crap as that makes it easy work than bashing into every little bump on the bloody track.

I find a lot tend to be holding what must be a death grip on the bars and end up with arm pump and have to rest up all the time when doing long rides.
The only time I got arm pump was the first ride on my Berg and I thought what the hell is this at the end of 4 hours ride. but when I worked out the suspension damping it was all was good, she had just to much compression at the settings.
I don't grab onto the bars or use the clutch at all unless needed and use 1 finger or 2 on the front brake, but when riding some others bikes I am like WTF the front brake is hard as hell and not smooth but notched in feel, one dude had the rear brake peddle set that low it was just so foolish. it was micks Honda CR500 and he shot off on my bike doing his old head start Harry trick, so I am in hot pursuit and come the first corner at high speed in top gear coming up to it and I am like fucck this thing has no brakes and there is a big drop off and a mountain wall to run into. not to mention miles from nowhere and I could see here we go, the trouble of getting to hospital and all flash before me, but I made it through the corner only just.
I pointed out what a tosser he was when we got back to camp, no one sets a bike up like that mick it's total BS and he argued with me about it FFS! no one has a rear brake peddle sitting down that low, it was about a inch and a half lower than standard height and service ya brake cables and pivots ya moron.

It just goes to show just how badly setup some bikes are not to mention how they are hammering themselves.
I get people in their 20's grumbling about how hot it is and want to get back to camp and I say we have only came half way bro not to mention mick always claiming that them cold beers are calling him doesn't help.

So all in all it also comes down to who is riding this bike, a plodder type or a good rider or a master like Toby Price.
Now Toby would not ride a bike setup for the likes of anything but a master rider and any less a rider maybe would not like the way his bike is setup to ride themselves. so it's in fact another ball game we are then talking about in all when it comes to suspension setups. like who is riding this thing becomes the point and what's he doing with it.

Dude come saying that X did the suspension and are blown away with the results and that's all good, but you know what, even I have brought out the old screwdriver out in the bush, just to adjust the damping with a couple of clicks, to have the rider spin out saying just how good it transformed the bike.
it's worth pointing out that a spring is consistant at any speed or at least relative too the damping which because it has a free bleed route means that damping is very soft at low speeds relative to higher speeds when it is forced through the shim stacks!


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August 3rd, 2017, 10:47 AM   #12
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setting sag

A little info on sag might help.
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August 3rd, 2017, 11:00 AM   #13
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Just reading through this again.

I saw a little note on setting it to who is riding. A master or newbie ???? This has nothing to do with anything. Sag must be set correctly for safe operation of the suspension and nothing more. It don't matter if I am old and sore, or young and fit. A professional will know what they need and tune to it. Most of the time the sag stays the same, the dampening is what changes.

I have seen tons of people loosen the spring to lower the bike, this is not how it works. The spring sag will not make for a smoother ride and or comfy ride, it has nothing to do with feel.

Sag works in with dampening together. But sag needs to be set correctly, then play with the dampening to get your plush ride. Spring slop is very unsafe and can make the bike feel as if it is on ice, very loose on the back end. Sag is important factory to traction as well. Sag should be set very close to spec.
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