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September 12th, 2014, 01:19 AM   #21
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September 13th, 2014, 08:00 AM   #22
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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003
well,what can I say!

phuqin brilliant! i just kept shouting "y-y-e-e-s-s-s"

why aren't all bikes made like this?

I've a list of things that are better and only one thing that is neutral/poorer.

the bike is so light to steer! there are no vices - just gains.

you mostly notice how much better it is on the way up a rock or on the way down.

on the way up it doesn't take any effort to change direction, normally you wait to get to the top and then look to steer but it is feasable while on the face.

on the way down a rock ledge is even better. instead of that left/right/left twitch as you over compensate in a panic you just turn the bars....that simple.

stability wise it is every bit as good as before and on gentle downhill slopes in the ROAD I would slap the bars with my hands off and there wasn't a hint of wobble or weave.

another little trick was to ride up to a roundabout with the other riders in the group and keep 'feet up' not just down to 4mph but to 1 or 2 mph!

looking at holes and gaps in rocks you can go for them - it's never too late.

on the road section I felt that the bars didn't curve in enough as we went into tighter and tighter hairpins! Welsh backroads are often better than the green lanes and the green lanes are already sublime!

the only thing I became aware of that yopu need to watch is that with the handlebars 75mm away you tend to get stretched 'along' the bike when moving off? starting with your foot forwards will help but I'll see what I make of it when there isn't so much going on...I think you adjust.

so I am looking into changing the TCs to something like 12mm offset. it could be that 1mm less at 13mm would have been better than the 14s but we'll go for the two.

my biggest bugbear all weekend was the standard brembo front brake? I forgot just how crap it is!!! it is rubbish isn't it? oh you're all using it still- sorry!

so I need to rub down the paintwork around the offending leek
have the frame welded
get a narrower radiator made for part two of the project
cut out a fuel tank for my knees
buy some more 14mm offset clamps and then work out how to modify them
a different set of bars PLEASE!!! a set of SX replicas.
a new cone air filter
more changes to the forks now that we're back using them all the time!

the sidestand is an old SM item with a bit of frame 'diagonal' welded in but it is too long. it must be shortened.

I also had fuel spit out of the headstock while riding in a straight line at speed on the road AND with the fuel near only a 1/3rd left? this spit was from the auxillary tank pipes that breath up and around the handlebars three times before going down the headstock tube....very strange?

I need to weld the lovre mounts on as well - they have never been done. I ran it with a bare radiator

nissin front brake M/C fitted

get the electrics further sorted out
re-tighten the headstock bearings
spray the bike when I get it back from the welders
check the sags and dimensions as well as weight bias

I don't have a photo of the whole bike ready - sorry!



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September 13th, 2014, 09:46 AM   #23
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hmm if your camera is too small try taking a couple steps backwards
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September 13th, 2014, 02:03 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by tourist View Post

hmm if your camera is too small try taking a couple steps backwards
and clean the bloody lense! haha
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September 13th, 2014, 02:21 PM   #25
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Looks like the Cambridgeshire fog just rolled into Ely
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September 13th, 2014, 06:41 PM   #26
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Or steam of his body in the cold morning, fogging the lense & didn't realize?
Interesting project taff keep up good work
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September 23rd, 2014, 12:50 PM   #27
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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003
I know I need to send this mobile phone back for reapir but you many other little jobs have I got to do!

so I've had some welding done around the fuel cap and sprayed this up and already it is leeking - damn! so aquick squirt of primer to protect it and I'm thinking of riding with the fuel lower down the spine of the frame fuel tank. but then why bother? I have the standard tank and the idea can wait right?

so I've disconnected this tank.

the inline fuel filter was too large anyway and was immediately looking full of some ugly stuff! it looked like the river mississippi!

the triple clamps I have bid for and got. they are new/unused but you can tell they are off a bike. ebay sales = liars as always!

I've cut a bit out of the sidestand after agreeing not to think I'm cleverer than Husaberg on this occasion so now it mimicks the OEM FE sidestand and that has a coat of primer on it as well.

the bracket had to be welded and supported into the right shape as this was the rael culprit. all good I hope but again - primared and no top coat...

each job I do is chipping the frigging paintwork as well and the petrol dripping out is doing the same.

for some reason the air filter cover is also leeking and I never tacked that! not my fault this time!

a Nissin M/C has been bought this week and fitted and the brake sensor for the tail light done at the same time.

my first ride was without louvres so these have been fitted - all new and do look good but sadly the yellow is OD'ing and its starting to ook like a phuqin banana.

the rad panels don't fit at present as the lower louvre holes are 20mm further forwards now. I'll ponder this but ride panel-less for now as that is how I have always ridden my Husaberg = no panels ) can't stand the width) but as I have 'some' form of public face to show I guess I must make the bike like "pretty" and take a photo of it some time soit can be rated on "prettiness"

the petrol tank is a better fit as I grind way more metal off the rear mounting pins and the rubbers and the tank slips down nicely now.

the trouble is, the carb hates the tank and I can't ever remember it being this bad before? the carb has to be canted over 5d to the left at the top and even that isn't enough. strange?

I've fitted a new cone air filter as the old one was 10 years old and fraying near the shock. it had been through hell on the dirt, a place it was never designed for but it MUST continue to work there while I work through the design.

a new rear tyre ahas been fitted and spokes tightened as well as the head stock bearings slightly tightened.

I'm going to weld my modified old gearlever up and use it as well soon, the one with the two stage tip so that it can be kicked up while sat down on the bottom (original) part and then when stood there is another bit on top but sticking a further 10mm out and this I get my foot under when stood. should be handy again that as I am definately leaning forwards at present.... more on this to follow.

I have fitted a new set of SX replica aftermarket bars and done new grips etc at the same time.

I've also lowered/leaned off the jetting.

sags and baances ned to be done so as conclucions can be drawn. luckily I have a few standard bikes here upon which to draw comparisons!

next ride report after the weekend.


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September 24th, 2014, 12:01 AM   #28
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Hey Taff,
When can we expect a photo of the coplete bike?
When we get to see this Husaberg Freeride? Taff edition
I am just very curiuos.

Grtz Rens

p.s.very nice job soo far Taff
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September 24th, 2014, 12:27 AM   #29
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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003
some time in the future!


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November 21st, 2014, 01:21 PM   #30
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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003
work continues on the BEARUP project machine!

I have had the triple clamps sent away and a set of steel cups are being made. the holes in the top and bottom yokes are being bored out considerably off-centre by 2mm and the steel cups pressed in. the bottom clamp from below and the top from above so that it all compresses up. also with round bushes it is numpty proof. they'll be here soon!

the bike has been back for yet more welding and this causes real problems because the bike's paint is really messed up. all I seem to do is get the bike back in time to primer the bare frame and then go for a ride for the weekend and then find I have twice as manyjobs as when I started!

this is the latest photo of the bike in the yard (below).

as you can see the thing is way too yellow now! this is a dummy run for the test seat, all I've done is sat it on the bike. unfortunately the seat got to me too late for the latest test run which was at a MX track called Easttrax near Kings Lynn.

the bike behaved superbly all day and we didn't change anything. we finally rode the bike with just the fuel in the frame and the nose of the seat taped down with duct tape and it was just s-o-o-o-o-o-o light!

anyway, I did some more work before and after to the forks working on the theory that the shim stacks are too strong at both ends and this seems to have worked. the forks are the best they have ever been!

my next ride was out to a green lane near Newport in Essex and there ther's a lane with high banks to the side, under the shade of the trees where you can ride a bike off the trail and like a trials bike. so I got my old favourite slim tank and filled it with that plumber's insulation foam. I let it set hard and then went and got the Bosch jigsaw out and started to slice it all up. the fact that the foam warmed up, went soft and then acted like a glue all over the frame should be ignored

so, started one Saturday morning to cut it up in little lumps, then more and more and below is what I finished with!

now I'm not saying that this is the basis of a fuel tank, for you to think that is yet another UHE misconception (a bit like the one where you all think: if it's pretty its a success and if it isn't then its rubbish!), what I am finding out is the outside parameters of the space we all need as we duck under trees, cower as we balance diagonally across a bank, lean forwards as we assail a hill etc. got it?

the bike rode like a ballarina, not that I've ridden a Ballerina, I mean I'd like to ride a Ballerina, but it rode like a Ballerina....all twinkle toes!

anyway, the regulator/rectifier has packed up since and now I have no lights, the sidestand has been welded and "re-arranged" I hope for the last time.

I have the radiator being welded as well but this seems to be being done by a numpty, the return questions are all wrong, well, everything is wrong I reckon but as nobody else is interested in it I must stick to the task.

the idea is to narrow the original radiator as the rider is going to sit quite a long way forwards and so the rad MUST be narrow. it will be very tall and only just miss the exhaust and the underside of the frame. at the same time I want the turning circle of a trials bike as well so i need lots of steering lock!

I'm beginning to realise as well that the vertical forks need a lighter fork spring and I no longer use up all the suspension - even on the roughest track. now I know I've stopped racing but this is something else?


Thanks from husabutt

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