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April 17th, 2013, 07:50 AM   #1
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maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Well, I think some might find this somewhat interesting to read, and it's good to collect all the info and pics in one thread so here goes nothing.

Back in -11 I wanted something different as I was thinking that bikes (sportbikes) are too boring, and I was desperate to choose whether to try a fast car or get different style bike. I test rode few times friends -10 yz450f in motard trim, and I immediately knew what I wanted. This is how riding a bike should feel, completely FUN!

Trying to sell my gsxr without much luck (got trade offers anything from lawn mowers to Skyline GT-R's) I decided to call to a dealership who sells KTM's and Husaberg and see would my bike be any interest to them. Got quickly a reply that trade would be no problem and a new -11 FS570 Husaberg would be a nice bike for me. After a nice test riding on street and local race track I was hooked. My gsxr felt even more boring after trying a 50hp dirt bike lol!

Month later, I finally got my first new bike and first Husaberg. Like everyone knows, it looked something like this.

Took not long before I started tinkering and modding the bike, as I think knowing and wrenching your toys is as important as riding them.

First summer was mostly cosmetical upgrades and getting used to a completely different style bike. Then it started to get a bit serious when I really wanted a bit more out of the bike.

Got new Excel wheels 16.5" / 3.5" and 17" / 5" with new revalved suspension, Beringer brake system, FMF full titanium exhaust, dna panel air filter with seat mod to suck in more air at high rpm's. This setup was good for the next season and really waked the bike up!

Put in on a dyno untuned to see what it made with the simple bolt-on mods it had (had the user setting tool at that time also).

[youtube:2j1enczo] hvSJNDsUi83xQ[/youtube:2j1enczo]

Not bad, but still not what I was after. This bike lacks top end badly!!

So it was almost the end of season -12 and it was time to take the bike apart again and think what to do with it.

Was thinking of selling it and finally getting a fast turbo car to have fun with, but something tells me to keep it and build it. So why not?

Started to search and order parts what I think would work well. Wanted to keep stock bore and stroke, as I want somewhat same revability like smaller bikes and easy handling.

While I had the motor out from frame I wanted to make things more easy and professional by building a jig to mount the motor in fixed position. Low cost end result:

With new 46mm throttle body.

Oem 42mm....hahaha

Some more parts...

13.5:1 CP piston

Coated with techline CBX ceramic heat barrier coat on top and dry film lubricant on skirts.

Custom grind camshaft.

New FP-Engineering / Ignijet ECU.

While collecting more parts I wanted a new fresh look. Wheels were in a really bad shape with dings and scratches everywhere, and also forks looked too plain with clear anodizing. Torn the wheels apart, stripped old ano from rims and sanded them down to 2500 wet and polished for mirror finish. Sanded and polished wheels nipples also, and sent everything to anodizing.

End result.

Then it was time to get the head ported and matched for new 46mm throttle body, as all the power on n/a motors are made in the head, and it needs to be done well to make good power!

After a month or so I got the head back. Looking good!




Have had some motivation problems so progress has been slow, but looking at all the trick stuff made me want to keep working more harder to get the bike back in one piece.

Some cosmetic stuff more and forks rebuilt with SKF seals and polished the inner tubes on lathe for super smooth no-stiction finish.

No more crappy KTM bolts that rusts.

Wheels turned out great (tubeless using 3M 4412N sealing tape)!!

Couldn't refuse when the opportunity opened up.

Brand new Suter slipper clutch, just needs stronger main spring (sprung for 450's)

Welded up a titanium bung on the FMF exhaust for wideband AFR meter for precise air/fuel ratio logging on dyno.


Got the final (lol yeah right) batch of parts yesterday, and most importantly valve shims to get clearances in spec for both stock and new custom cam!

Hopefully the workbench will be empty in a week or so, and lots of braaappp can be heard. Still got stuff to do.
Piston to valve clearance checking with new cam, throttle cable needs different end to fit to new throttle body etc.

Thanks from Krister89
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April 18th, 2013, 04:06 PM   #2
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Make that's a beautiful bike and pics! Keep going and fire it up I love the engine stand esp. with the clutch cover Husaberg name at an angle. Sweet
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April 19th, 2013, 11:05 AM   #3
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

very very helpful post, many thanks!!!
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April 20th, 2013, 03:50 AM   #4
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Yeah dude waiting for your next dyno video !
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April 20th, 2013, 06:13 AM   #5
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

cool bike maKe! already had one of the coolest bikes in the "post up them sexabergs" thread ...cant wait to see the final results

now I want one of these threads maybe schwim should create a new forum subsection
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April 21st, 2013, 12:06 AM   #6
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Thanks! Thought this would be a good idea to share. Seems simple project but I can assure that it hasn't been.

I managed to solder a new cable end on the Motion Pro T3 throttle cable that is mean't for 2t ktm's and Bergs.
Made from M6 bolt and just drilled hole in the middle and cut to size.

Does not look pretty and I had to make it 3 times because first time I screwed it up and forgot to screw the lock nut on the adjusting screw before soldering. Second time it would not hold up at all. Could not get the solder to flow in even though I used solder pot that I made and heated with butane torch. Third time I had to cut the cable liner shorter, because there was not enough cable left from my previous mess-ups.

Cleaned everything with acetone and dipped cable wire in acid salt, and wished for best. Should have used flux, but all I had was 100% silver which would not melt or eutetic 37/63 silver/lead/tin solder that I used.

Seems to hold up now even though it looks somewhat unsoldered partially. Put it on vice and tried to pull and yank the cable with all force I had.

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April 22nd, 2013, 05:38 AM   #7
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Oh yeah. ~1.20mm on intake and ~2.80mm exhaust PTV in the pockets. Good to go.

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May 5th, 2013, 08:44 AM   #8
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Gotta say I haven't smelled exhaust fumes in the garage for a loong time. Got the beast started up for the first time today.

Sounds mental, very intimidating intake growl with the new throttle body, and after sorting the idle issue it idles like stock bike with the tb and new cam. Running with stock ECU at the moment to help if something was wrong, but it starts like stock bike.

Maybe the cam auto decomp lobe could have been done better. Need to press starter button for couple times to get it spinning without locking. When it cranks it starts right away, not even a second goes by when it's breathing life.

Will mount some tires tomorrow and install some crap to be able to test it and run it in before heading to dyno.
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May 12th, 2013, 12:34 PM   #9
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

VERY nice parts you got
dyno results please
PS if you ever decide to get rid of your bike please sel me your tb setup
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May 12th, 2013, 01:28 PM   #10
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Re: maKe's 570 motard build (the $$$$ pit)

Dyno time in approx 2 weeks. Gotta work out the bugs before that and see that the bike is in working condition.

I did first test ride few days ago with stock ECU. All I can say is holy sh*t. It's obviously not performing really well yet, but even at half throttle it pulls so much more violently. Low rpm's are bit sluggish but top end is gonna be crazy lol. Did only 3/4 throttle pull to 7500-8000rpm and it's sick.

Intake noise is awesome. Real swoooooshh and bark when opening that massive 46mm throttle plate.

Now I'm doing final installation of the new ECU's features. Wiring up quickshifter, shift light and launch control. Installed the shifter sensor bracket and lever bracket and checked it works with multimeter. When upshifting the lever on shifter gets parallel to the magnetic sensor making circuit closed. Sensor bracket is mounted under frame where the two skid plate bolts go through.

Proper wiring is a pita and even more annoying to do on a bike where you don't really have too much space to route wiring or even make connections.
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