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July 12th, 2009, 03:01 AM   #1
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Hi,from a new member with few questions about FS650E &FS

Hi to everybody.
I am a fresh member and recent owner or FS650E - '06(dark blue) , which i bought from UK three weeks ago.
here is a pic:

The bike had 2 previous owners in UK and arrived at 42 hours and 1300 miles.
I did oil change with Motorex 10W60,engine coolant change with Motul red (holds to +136 degrees).The bike had a bad thread on the drain bolt,which i found after i put the fresh oil,so i took it to a shop to rethread it.i lost the back light somewhere on our roads,so i ordered now one through KTM dealer,which is not even located in the capital
so parts will be an issue i guess.i see ppl here are doing some modification the the crank bearing(some iron sleeve or something) and are redoing the oil supply for that bearing-can someone explain this mod,cause i only saw it on pictures in JBC racing profile if i am not mistaking.
a fellow Husaberg owner here in Sofia sent me PDF file(parts catalog) and excell file for it with prices in Austria,so i am not completely naked,but any help and info will be highly appreciated.
apart from that the bike starts great and runs strong i guess.i have no idea what gear rings it has,but i manage to do 100MPH with patience and long stretch or road

anyway,i see there are some discussions about custom work on those bikes because of reliability issues and advices to open the engine to check it out,which scares the shit out of me
i found an FS450E - '05 for sale and it is yellow and blue,which i like alot.
how much different will the response and gut between the 650 and 450?
i hope i will not be bored.
i see on the 650 after 250 miles on it,it is alot of fun.i owned street and superbikes so far and i didn't want to ride my 954 when the berg was next to it.
and my berg came with small gear on the back,don't know how many teeth.
Please let me know about the 450,cause i only have a day or two to make up my mind for it.
thanks alot in advance.

by the way,this bike is loud as hell,which i like-but is it normally that way?
will the 450 be the same?
you can understand that here we do not have any sound regulations

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July 12th, 2009, 08:09 AM   #2
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A few opinions.
The 450. After riding the 650 you will never want to ride a 450 again. Unless you are racing and limited by displacement, you will not want the 450.
The main bearing issue. For the record, not all main bearings will fail. I think the mods are better left to being done at rebuild. For the time being just ride the bike and be happy. Be vigilant and proactive in your maintenance. Pay close attention to the filters, oil screens and magnet.
As far as the chain rings go, the enduro bikes will go well over 100mph with a 48/15 combination. I would think for street riding a 45/15 would do nicely. I'm sure others will post there opnions.
Good luck. That looks like a very nice bike.

I just realized I did not take into account the 17"wheels. 45/15 may not work for you at all. It would be fine for the 18/21" combination.
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July 12th, 2009, 08:42 AM   #3
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hi, welcome to the site! nice bike!

you do not want a 450, especially if you are using the bike as a street bike. stick with the 650. they are unique bikes and faster and lighter than any other single cylinder bike on the road.

about your engine, you don't need to open it up. pay attention to what your oil looks like and how much metal is on the magnet. if you are getting large amounts or big chunks than that would indicate that perhaps something is wrong and then may be worth opening up.

however, there have been some issues about the primary gear nut coming loose and trashing part of the motor. making sure that that nut is torqued properly is something i would check. but that is not hard!

aside from that, use good oil and change it frequently.

as far as gearing, people have been recommending 15/38 for the street.

enjoy the bike. you have an awesome bike!
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July 12th, 2009, 09:20 AM   #4
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Thanks for the replies guys.
I guess i will ride my 650 than and will not buy that 450.
Murakami,which is that primary gear nut you are saying about?
you mean the front sprocket on the chain or something inside the gearbox if i can call it that way?
about the magnet on the drain bolt.....i lost that when i did the rethread there,due to bad thread because of overtightening by the guys in UK.
it had maybe alot of metal debris on the magnet when i removed it,but they were like powder.the fellow berg owner here in sofia said his bike which is an FE450- '04 has also alot of metal debris,but they come of in bigger pieces.
i have to check if i can buy bigger drain bolt,like the one i am using now after the rethreading,but with magnet.
for some reason since yesterday the bike has no starter,no turn signals and the dash doesn't shine when i push it,so i guess either a battery cable is a problem or a fuse/relay.
tomorrow i will fix that and will change the oil again.
by the way,my bike seems to loose oil between changes,is this normal?
i rode it 7-8 hours and from almost max level it goes almost to min level.
the strange part is that once it shows min,next time is normal.....
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July 14th, 2009, 02:05 AM   #5
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guys,do you have issues with the thread of the engine oil drain bolt,cause yesterday it fucked up again and was rethreaded to a bigger thread in a shop recently.that was the first oil change after that,damn it.and i didn't even push it too at all.
tefflon tape manage to save my for now,but this is getting annoying especially if i have to change my oil every week.
the second bolt next to the drain one is another filter that goes to the screen,right?
i just read about it in a manual,so haven't touch that bastard.will it hold better so i can use it as a drain bolt?
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