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June 10th, 2008, 03:12 PM   #1
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finke desert race

how did the berg boys do in this years finke....anyone?
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June 10th, 2008, 09:00 PM   #2
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Quick look through results
8 berg's started one did not start 2nd day Rider number 712 ? why
Highest finish 39th outright rider number 245
Rider numbers are
245, 207, 871, 750, 734, 721, 712, M41

I look forward to Channel 10's RPM show this Sunday, they have a report on the Finke
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June 16th, 2008, 08:16 PM   #4
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just done a rough summary of the finke results.i was interested to see if there were any pattern of bike types that emerged from the results.

503 riders in all, including quad riders
128 didn't finish,including 1 that died

182 honda's
152 ktm's
95 yamaha's
12 suzuki's
12 kawasaki's
10 husqvana's
8 husaberg's
2 aprillia's
2 bmw's
+various other brands of quads

these are outright places of what they come,for the ones that finished
too many honda's ktm's & yamaha's to list the placings of, you can do that yourself.

husaberg 39/75/152/156/200/202/247
husqvana 68/225/228/256/273/323/342/363
kawasaki 23/35/105/193/220/221/224/226/236/238
suzuki 11/20/61/104/160/177/347/349/368
honda cr500's 60/84/118/147/157/312
aprllia rxv 550's 54/361

husaberg probably done a bit better than husqvana's or does that mean more hillbilly's ride husqvana's?
the old cr500's use to be king of this race only a couple of years ago,there use to be hundreds of them,now only 7 entered the race & only 6 times change..
obvoiusly its not all about speed,otherwise the most powerful bikes would be winning all the time,but riding a 650 berg would have to be more of an advantage in a race like this,rather than a disadvantage wouldn't it?
if husaberg australia invested in sponsoring a few top riders that could win this race,sales would 10 fold,i am sure.
take a leaf out of honda's book,they are throwing their bikes at a lot of the top riders to ride for them & its paid off, everyone wants one cause thats the brand that wins every year.
at the moment its only hillbilly's like me having a chop on the husaberg's
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June 17th, 2008, 05:58 AM   #5
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Hi weed

I've always wondered the same thing, have never been to the fink but I know guys who go every year, we ride the same whoops, the guys spend a lot of time getting the their bikes sorted for these whoops casue theres about 120km of the buggers aparently. lil motor jap bikes are real real nice over the whoops when dialed in right.

the 650's weak point especially with my skinny 70KG arse bouncing around on the back of it like a drunk telestubby trying to use WOT is consitency through those whoops at speed. the shock is prone to throwing the whole bike 3-4 feet into the air after repeated HS hits. a good tuner could make things better but IMHO he'd still be working with plasticene.

anyway just a though that if the main obstacle keeping speed down in the fink are these types of whoops and terrain then the sneaky letters W and P and their freinds D&S might be why the bergs don't fare so well against the jap bikes with links. I noticed jared irwin on a jap bike this year.

I think you're right though. probably if husaberg put some effort into all things being equal to hondas investment the bergs could be made to handle better for the event and someone really mad and fast might even ride one instead of a red limo. he'd probably still win even on a stock berg I reckon.

what do you guys think? would it be an impossible thing to have Ohlins suspension as an option on a new bike? the list price of a WP shock is well over $2000 yet even in stingy OZ an ohlins TTX shock is less at about 1700.

bet I know which model would sell more.


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