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March 14th, 2008, 02:20 PM   #1
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'08 FE450 Track day

Had a chance to shakedown the '08 FE450 at the local MX practice track as that's the intended purpose for me.I'll be racing 45+ class this year as it's the first year of it being implemented on the local level,previously I rode 40+B and finished usually around 9-12th on most days as we usually have 25 or more for our gates.So I'm by no means Lorettas Lynn speed but I'm not a road block either. I'm about 160-165lbs all geared up.

Anyway just thought I'd share my impression of the '08 FE450 and it's moto worthiness for us vet riders.

As far as suspension goes not too bad for me as combined with my smaller weight and lack of expert speed the softer stock woods valving fits pretty good.I need to still break it in and set the sag and perhaps raise the forks but I don't see a revalve or springs as being in my future.So that's a plus if you happen to be smaller like myself.The Berg feels no heavier to me then the other moto 450s I've ridden up to this point and it exhibits nice manners and is a lot less harsh then the stock KTM 450SXF I had for a short spell last year.Turns and sticks well and I'm sure once I set it up sag wise etc. it will only get better.

The engine is buttery smooth but still has more then enough oomph for a mere mortal like myself.I found it much more managable and less tiring then the 450SXF and RMZ450 I rode last year.I'd say for someone like me it's a better ticket then the full on Jap moto weapons as the extra flywheel weight and power delivery work for me not against me.I really can't say enough good things about this powerplant.It carburates great and works awesome whether it's turns,straights or jumps.Good news is that it revs out plenty quick enough for those short run ups to a jump out of the tight corners as well.Good stuff!!

So if you're looking to ride a little moto by all means go for it.The Berg is more then up to the task imo.
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March 14th, 2008, 04:13 PM   #2
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how does it compare to the jap bikes , in acceleration , torque and top speed .

i know gearing plays a big part ...
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March 14th, 2008, 04:38 PM   #3
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My two cents;

Thanks for the great post vntgmx.

As for the suspension. Set the rear static sag @ 33mm and you should be good to go. This should be about 5mm of spring preload.

To eliminate any false readings induced by the shaft seal stiction, shock heim joint sticiton, or swing arm bearing/seal stiction, especially since the bike is new, I suggest this procedure in setting the static sag. Have a friend help you if possible.

Suspension cold.

Of course, get your bike on the stand and find a good place to measure from, and get your reading. Measurement #1

Next take the bike off of the stand and have your friend hold the bike by the clutch side grip. This keeps your well intending helper from inadvertently squirting fuel into your motor.

Push the rear end down, and SLOWLY let it come back up to rest. Take another measurement,we'll call this Measurement #2.

Now lift the rear until it tops out and SLOWLY let it back down. Take another measurement, we'll call this measurement #3.

Split the difference between Measurements #2 & #3, and take that away from Measurement #1, and that will be your true static sag.

The rear ride height is critical on the PDS system, once you get it right you will easily be able to tell the difference between a turn less, it will want to push, or a turn more, the front will tend to want to tuck under.

I suggested 33mm because that is about the middle of the road for adjustment, and that is where I run mine. I believe the range is 30-35mm for static sag.

Hope you find this useful,

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March 14th, 2008, 05:55 PM   #4
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I think it compares very favorably to the Jap offerings but based on my seat of the pants I'd say the Jap MXers are probably gonna be quicker out of the gate and accelerating out of turns but the Berg engine's user friendly nature allows you to be much smoother and use less energy doing things.

In my opinion for an average Vet rider the smooth power works in your favor as the track gets rougher and the body fatigues in the later stages of a moto.It's just a very sensible power delivery which is to be expected being it's built for snotty offroad terrain.It is by no means slow and lethargic though.The best comparison I can give you is if you've ever ridden a 500cc 2-stroke and then ridden one that has had a flywheel weight added.The Berg would be the flywheel weighted one.

Dale..Thanks I'll have to try that method as I planning on setting the sag before my next ride and I think I'm gonna try raising the forks a hair to see where that puts me handling and turning wise.
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