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Taffy February 10th, 2011 12:35 PM

Taff's racing season 2011
well the season started last sunday with a straight through 3.5 hour enduro around the sandy woods of woodbridge and the rendlesham course. II had only done 6 or so MX laps on the 570 and then fitted two new maxxis and a rear spring for my weight leaving the clickers alone. on the front I knew the 44 springs were too weak so hit the preload nut and hoped that the initial hardness wouldn't be too much while laying off the comp clickers.

a great start saw me 2nd off the 4th row from 15 riders and I held my place comfortably before going arse over tit at a log in the woods when the engine stalled mid-log! got going again and pulled in after 70 minutes and two laps for 5 litres of juice and then guessing that I had 10 litres and "stuff it if I didn't" i did the next 4 straight through and damn near died doing it! I finished the 6 laps 6 minutes inside my time and I think I probably did quite well.

there was a drop left in the cheeks of the main tank and the thingy underneath was still full. so I got 1hr and 45 minutes out of it and could have got perhaps halfway around another lap?

the bike was on its soft map and was bloody quick in a straight line however as the race wore me down I just 'lolled' down the straights, those front forks were beating me up! but it was a pussy to ride and to flick it it felt like my 400 really, a few kilos heavier but slightly easier to turn so all in all about the same. however, i can get quicker on this one!

one thing I did notice was how slow the engine turns over if you stall it? but it picks up and off you go....the carbed bike would have run the battery down I think.

target now is a set of .46s in the front and prepare a set of old model 22 yokes.



nick790 February 10th, 2011 02:15 PM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
Rutted Rendlesham sounds fun. I Haven't raced my bike yet, but thats the type of place I was worried about.

What weight are you, what rear spring did you go with?

Taffy February 11th, 2011 12:16 AM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
I have an 84-250 on it which I got off an old FC shock as standard. what with using the shock now on my 400 I feel that I've had good value out of it for 30!

It's spot on and the pre-load is quite small as well.



Taffy February 11th, 2011 10:11 AM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
Putting my Sidecar-cross hat on for a minute, as I'm aware Stuart Brown is back on the Husaberg to defend his British title again. he has won the championship some 9 years consecutively but after 4 wins with passenger Luke Peters, Luke retired straight after the season. New passenger is one of the Chamberlain Brothers who have packed it in as a pairing and gone off to passenger for other teams and Browny is taking one of them.

Third placed finishers and top GP runners along with Browny are the Millard Brothers who will continue to run 666 or 700 Husabergs this season produced by JBS racing. If reliable they may well break Browny this season.

Steve France is now partnered by his brother Stuart on their 628 this season. surprisingly, Steve prefers it to his 2004 644. not sure if DCR is still helping though? absolutely spectacular he's a real crowd pleaser!

Likely to get a top 3 finish in only their second season are the pairing of Jack Etheridge and passenger Ryan Humphries. Last season they were on a 644 Husaberg but not sure about this season. they are dynamite and will as likely come top 4 and also start GP racing.

Ben Blythe has retired sadly and three or four clubmen are out on Husabergs. In the northern region the 2010 AMCA winners: the Turner Brothers have retired as champions.

MOST INTERESTINGLY though, a rumour that was started here is that the two Hyde brothers: Alfie and Craig have gone to HUSABERG and not only that but to the 570! these well funded teams are entering the French championship for this season so are unlikely to make great shakes in the UK.

In France you can get a huge entry bonus making it worthwhile going over there.

we shall soon see! the first round in April is being held in the North of England:
Round 1 APRIL 10 North East MXC, Woolley Grange, DL15 9AN
Round 2 MAY 30 Frome & Dist MCC @ Asham Woods, Leighton, Somerset, BA11 4PW
Round 3 JUNE 19 Torridge & Dist MCC @ Waggadon Farm, Torrington.
Round 4 JULY 10 B.A.Promotions Ltd @ Condover
Round 5 AUGUST 29 Langrish MCRC @ Manor Farm, Langrish, Hants. GU32 1RG
Round 6 OCTOBER 2 Sidcup & Dist MCC @ Canada Heights, Button Street, Swanley, Kent. BR8 8DX.
Round 7 OCTOBER 9 Halstead & Dist MCC @ Little Loveney Hall, Wakes Colne, Essex. CO6 2BH



Taffy March 8th, 2011 12:01 PM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
raced on sunday in the toughest conditions for me: a whooped out sand track that was extremely fast yet three hours long. it is the only eastern centre H & H race of the season and thank christ for that!

from 25-30 on my row I left the line in second place from the fifth and last row to go. I worked past the leader and found that even on the opening lap that it was such hard work for me just shy of my 50th.

gradually the experts came around to lap me and made me look daft but at the same time I was grabbing countless riders under power from the rows in front. this was the first time I'd given the 570 it's head and it could take anyone. to be honest though, when you know your struggling in the trees etc you may as well let that desperate kid on his screaming 125 through. he's working his socks off so....

I had fitted .46s to the front since my last ride and thought that I'd leave it at that for now. no good. the bike was simply too weak to hold up under braking chop and it was starting to really, really hurt. it was actually painful!

I pulled in for fuel and decided for once it was worth the time to adjust the clickers so I whacked 1.5 turns of pre-load on the caps as well as +6 on the comp and -6 on the rebound. on the rear I added some rebound and would have added some pre-load given a little more time.

fuel wise I expected it to be a guzzler after all the stuff I've heard here but it took 6 litres to fill after 1.50 hours of riding which I didn't think was too bad.

Off I went again and immediately felt shattered so I did one more lap after this and called it a day. first time that I've ever stopped coz of me but the forks were killing me. I'd also lost control once and that was a message to say: get the sussies done = fight another day.

as it is, it's Tuesday evening and I'm saw and I'm raw and glad I didn't do that last hour as I'd be some kind of cripple now....

Oh well! onwards and upwards. :D :D



nick790 March 12th, 2011 01:11 AM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
Are you selling those .46 springs then?

tazer March 12th, 2011 03:20 AM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011

Originally Posted by Taffy
Tuesday evening and I'm saw and I'm raw and glad I didn't do that last hour as I'd be some kind of cripple now....

Come on princess thoughen up now :) :) :) :wink:

Taffy March 22nd, 2011 02:12 PM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
Third ride of the season on Sunday at a new circuit by the name of Ashby Puerorum with the Banovallum Club in Lincolnshire near Louth. Arkley123 and headed off up there nice and early and after a really good 'dump' I knew I was in top tip shape - the new Taff! you can't beat a good 'sit down' just before the off, it tells you all is working well!

it was to be a 1H 30M, 1H lunch and again 1H 30M in the afternoon on a great little circuit that included lots of ditch bottoms and hillocks with a lovely long blast around Farmer Fred's fields.

since the last ride I had plonked a set of .48s in the front and checked the oil heights without removing the forks - cheating I know. well anyway, settled on 125mm air gap and same settings otherwise.

other Huseys there included just 2 of the 4 Howe clan now on Huseys while the other two have moved on but last years O45 champion was back. Arkley rides a 2T Husky and will I presume one day go to hell in a handcart.....

a belting start in about 5/20 and saw Howie go over the edge of a ridge and I'm in 3rd and kept it steady there as I learnt the course which was festooned with soft semi-bog just dying to grab the wheels and suck you down into damnation! this of course was afflicted on the righteous on the third lap when i was launched over the bars in a bog that marked me out for riding like a tart!

did you know husaberg's don't like starting on their sides whilst emmersed in thick BOG!

well we got going again and bar one more sticky moment it all went 'swimmingly', the suspension was georgous compared to the last ride and soaked everything up. the new springs needed another 5 clicks of rebound at the lunchbreak and I sensed the same on the rear now that the bike is behaving itself - lady and gentlemen: we are now moving into THE ZONE!

there was a lack of grip on the front and so i dropped the clamps 5mm and that cured that in the afternoon as well. I can now tell the gearing is a little 'awkward' as I'm tapping like hell all the time on the lever. whatever standard is isn't right for me methinks.

as said the forks are far better but there is an initial light harshness that will be dealt with I think with the removal of a face shim or the scaling down of. also the bike was a little harsh at 90-100mph but I don't blame the bike but rather Farmer Fred (you bugger!) actually it does have a high speed whack but it was sooo stable! the 570 took everyone, EVERY ONE it bloody mullered the lot of em! the problem at 90mph is riding in a crouch like the hunchback of Notre Dame a stance that you may think I'm used to as a modest man (and much to be modst about!: WS Churchill) but it was an awkward stance and I often looked like I'd sh** meeself.....

this look was further exacerbated by my size 28" waste camouflarged troosers I'd borrowed for my 38" girth and which split wide open down the arse vertically. I was glad of the fresh air for a while until I realised my flesh was sticking to the mud sludged seat and starting to open my skin quicker than 'Smokin' Joe Frazer. I then realised that the troosers were falling round my ankles every time I took the "H.B.o.N.D position". This was easily cured with the thoughts of a scantilly clad woman-on-a-berg, now with this new 'feeling' and the resultant "standing to attention"!!!!

I knew I could sally forth to the end, sometimes the 'semi' faded and my troosers fell down again but then I just pretended instead that she was on the bike ahead of me! killed two birds with one stone - with that one! :cheers: :cheers:

anyway, I reached the end of the race shattered mentally but the body was now refreshed!

this week we'll try some different clicks and maybe a little more oil in the forks before deciding on a new shim stack. the Yokes at 20mm offset no longer seem an issue for now but I'm starting to like this bike.... throttle is a bit strong at times and I'm thinking how to just trim it at certain points when I have to switchback and leave a corner, bloody thing is like a mountain goat!

it's well heavy though and very tall so we'll see what comes from the changes.



arkley123 March 22nd, 2011 02:56 PM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011

Originally Posted by Taffy
Arkley rides a 2T Husky and will I presume one day go to hell in a handcart.....

Oh how the rightious fall......have a look at the mighty Taffy - picture :bounce3:

Sports / banovallum / ashby 20.03.11

PS my other bikes a berg..really

Taffy March 23rd, 2011 01:58 AM

Re: Taff's racing season 2011
my twin brother! he's useless!



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