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tom lurge May 24th, 2020 08:04 AM


I purchased a 2011 570 FE in spring 2019, with then about 90 hours . It's my fifth motorcycle alltogether (and #3 in the garage) but my first enduro. I also have a Moto Morini 3 1/2, a Moto Guzzi (big block, "scrambler" with TKC80 19/17) and I had two Ducati SuperSports. So enduros are definitely new to me. I had the suspension lowered by a few centimeters and am waiting for a set of Berglund tanks to make it RTWable. Next modification is a SeatConcepts - just ordered it.

I'm living in Hamburg, north of Germany, under the cruel regime of the german TÜV. I'm usually not going very fast but rather long distance. The widest journey I undertook so far was with the Guzzi to Kurdistan. I'd like to take the Berg for the next trip that far and beyond because when it really get's interesting the Guzzi, even at 200 kg, is much too bulky. So I'd rather make a little less km per day but get a little further in the end. That's the plan anyways, corona-induced frontier crossing difficulties left aside.

Despite all the other motos and the great ambitions I'm technically not very savvy and half of what I learn I forget before I need it the next time. I'm trying hard to not bother anybody with useless questions but sometimes I fail...

And now, with this introduction out of the way, I'll post my first question :-)

polska May 24th, 2020 08:15 AM

Hi Thomas. Did you forget to as your first question? ;). Just don't forget where you will be going. Otherwise your trip might be really long.

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