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Grassy72 May 3rd, 2017 03:48 AM

Hello from Darwin Australia - FE450e

Today I bought a Husaberg!

I was looking for a reliable easy to ride n live with mount to get back into trail riding. Wr260f's and xr400r's were around everywhere so instead I chose a 2005 fe450e... i have already been called "insane".

The purchase was only completed a few hours ago so i know nothing about anything atm. No doubt i will be leaning on the good members of this site for help very soon.

What have i bought? Where do i find manuals and other info? What should i have looked at before laying down my hard earened? Where do u get filtets, spares and anything else in Aus? Will it be any good?

I thank you sll in advance.


Jussi May 3rd, 2017 11:02 AM

Best advice is make every service on time oil chance and chance parts (piston etc) before they fail and measure valve clearence also on time,i think service manual is how many hours parts can take when they need chance new one,also dont punish engine if carburetor dont give good mixture.

Hoosaberg May 3rd, 2017 03:59 PM

Nice bike and far superior to anything else IMHO. You'll either become a Husaberg fanatic and love the thing to death, or you'll hate it. depends on if your the type of bloke that likes to tinker on his bikes, or just flog them and park them unwashed till the next ride.

It will take more maintenance and suffer less abuse than it's Japanese counterparts. But in saying that the maintenance is not insane, just keep the valves in check and change the oil frequently and keep the air filter clean.

ALL KTM dealers will carry parts. Oil filter is the KTM long one. Most info you need is on here. Absolute wealth of knowledge on this forum.

There is also a FB page

Grassy72 May 3rd, 2017 04:47 PM

Thanks guys

I am looking forward to getting dirty again. I can be a bit lazy but do enjoy doing my own servicing and easier mechanical work. I really like things that are a bit different as long as they dont bite me. I already plan on giving it the once over before heading out. I have been riding continuously for the last 35 years swapping regularly between different road and dirt mounts of every brand, size and class. Mainly been on jappers but the most similar machine to this that I have owned in the past would have been my 2001 Husky TE570 which had the the lhs kickstart but NO e-START!

I have done a forum search but couldnt nail down the correct manual for my model and year... if anyone can help with a link i would apprciate it.

Thanks again for the replies already :)

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