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Boellster April 27th, 2017 12:02 PM

Hello! Im a complete noob with a FE450 -10
Hi guys,

As the title says - I'm a compete noob, I hardly know anyhting about enduro bikes but it looks like a lot of fun and I figured it would be an excellent form of physical training )

So, I bought a used FE 450 from 2010 the other day that I'm picking up this weekend and I'm so excited and I have so many questions I don't know where to start or even what the questions are...

Quick intro : I'm 46 years old, Swedish and I ride regular motorcycles. Next year a friend and I will participate in the Budapest-Bamako rally on bikes and I've realized that I need to improve my almost non-existent off road skills. And get in better shape. So I found this Husa for sale, did a quick google on the model, didnt really understand anything from the reviews more than its supposed to be badass. So I bought it. I live on the countryside with alot of dirt roads and forests close by but there is also an enduro track not too far from here that I'll join as soon as I can. The general plan is to have fun and while doing that, becoming a better off road rider. I do some wrenching on regular bikes and have a reasonably equipped garage so I plan on doing the maintenance work on the bike myself.

So to begin with I'll try and read up on the bike here on the forum and post questions as I go ;) Oh, the first question just popped up in my head - What do I do the first thing after getting the bike home and before taking it out on the first ride? Change air filter + oil + oil filter? Check the condition of the chain and sprockets? Anything else?

Thanks & all for now

bobbex April 28th, 2017 10:28 AM

Congrats to the bike! I had the same model.

"What do I do the first thing after getting the bike home and before taking it out on the first ride?
A: cleaning, then disassembly and check
- removal of fuel tank and cleaning Fuel Pump - they like to get wored out
- secondary drive: chain, sprockets check and replacement
- rear swingarm bearing - almost sure it is corroded

Change air filter + oil + oil filter?
A: -oil+ oil filter change - there are 3 filters to be checked , buy a set of OIL change and replace them all (Oil = Motul 10W50)
-clean air filter and air filter housing

Check the condition of the chain and sprockets? Anything else?
see above - rear swingarm bearings like to corrode. You can check if You remove rear wheel and bike on lift-stand, rear swingarm has to have 'NO play' at all if You move it sidewise, up-down.

I also suggest to come with me to Transsylvania and ride offroad before You go to Bamako and loose teeth...


jon andersson April 28th, 2017 01:33 PM

Or motorex 10W50, or even better motorex 10w60.

fe390vt May 1st, 2017 10:21 AM

Heat shield on exhaust! Seat is finnicky to put on correctly. Seat must be flush to handles. Rear shock joint needs replacement quicker than most bikes. Put bike on stand, lift rear wheel, if there is free play replace lower shock bearing. Hose on head case can come loose and cause major damage. Fuel pump defects in some models. Probably resolved.
Tap start button quickly fuel pump will pressurize. Then push starter normally, will start much quicker and save battery. If fuel pump starts to go bad it tend to be quieter. A fuel sock to put in tank to prevent debris getting into fuel injection. Rear fender is weak can be reinforced with a couple of holes and bolts. The 6mm screws that screw into plastic parts need to be checked often. Battery terminals are very soft. Careful tightening. Wire loom is tight in and around shock/battery box area. If it smokes on start up you may want to check valve clearance.
Have about 400 hrs on my 390. Valves still in spec and running great.

paolo6 May 1st, 2017 10:43 AM

I agree with all the guy up ...maybe would be better to send it to a mechanic to get an engine check just to make sure is all good ...anything else? ==> at the end of the day don't worry too much and get out to enjoy it :)

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