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December 31st, 2015, 11:09 AM   #1
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I Ride: '11 FS570, '12 RSV4 Factory, '01 MH900e, '03 YZ250F, '77 CB650, '01 CRF150, Thumpstar
California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)

Howdy folks! I recently purchased (fourth hand) a 2011 FS-570 with just under 50 hours on it. This is the 8th bike in my stable, and it has been an interesting experience so far. Here is my story:

1. How I came across this bike.
I found the bike posted on Craigslist in Thousand Oaks, just about 20 minutes from my place. The location and model-year had specific advantages over the '09 Husky SM450-RR that I was considering as posted down in Long Beach. I was really hoping for a fuel injected bike, and although an SM450-RR is rare, it is carbureted and I almost feel that the Husaberg is even more exclusive. Plus, the mostly white scheme is sharp and makes a good contrast against my all black 2012 RSV4 trackbike.
California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-button-5-9-15.jpg

2. The background, as conveyed to me.
California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-img_0214.jpg
I bought this bike off of Tommy, who was a forum member here for a bit. He was the third owner, the first two being sons of owners of bike shops down in San Diego. Tommy knew the kids from college, having attended down in San Diego. Tommy hadn't spent much time on the bike, doing less than 200 miles during his ownership. He's more of a car guy, having to sell this bike because he had picked up a sick Lotus to play with. Apparently, he does well enough for himself. No family or mortgage helps though. I have both of those.

One of the previous owners had worked the bike over, supposedly. Some sort of new intake and a reflashed ECU to match. An obnoxiously loud FMF slip-on and some sort of fender eliminator that I'm not super stoked on. I hope to do the Akropovic pipe soon and will be ditching the plates all together.

The sad thing was that the bike had been lowered. The kickstand had about an inch or more removed and welded (well I might add) back together. The inside of the FMF showed nearly vertical marks of tire rub from bottoming out. The rear end rebound and compression were WAY off. Like, had to have been revalved - WRONG - to get to this place. I gave the ass-end my typical CPR maneuver to see how it was set up. It fell like shoving on one of those cornstarch-filled stress heads, and it took almost 1.5 seconds to fully rebound. WHAT?!?!?! Who the F sets up a shock that way? Plus, it felt like the preload had been taken way out in order to let the rear sit that low. Ok, not much I could do but open the valving up until I got it rebuilt. The front end had a reasonably firm feel to them, but the forks were pulled up through the triple until they were mm from touching the handlebars. Without a full-length side stand, I wasn't going to adjust height.

Topping it all off, the bike had a hard time starting. I struggled with it through my first weekend of riding, but did some reading here, finding references to the bad cams that were originally shipped in '11 not having proper compression release lobes. Took it to the local Husky shop only to have it consistently start fine for them. Apparently these EFI bikes don't like any throttle being applied when you press the starter. Now that I know that.... it seems ok.

3. Why Super Motard?
So as I was starting to say, I want to get into some SuMo trackdays. Over the past few years I have been running a sportbike trackday company. Lots of fun, but costly and time consuming to get to the tracks, so I'm done managing them, now I just want to get back to riding them! With our family recently started, I don't get many trackdays anymore, so I needed something that I could take to closer tracks that cost less. SuMo is the answer! I have a great dirtbike and although dirt riding is fun, the local tracks are cluster-bombs of disorganization and hazards. All skill levels, riding all together, all the time. That's unreasonable IMHO. Sportbike days break into three approximate skill set groups so as to minimize the difference in closing speed, thus making line selection and hazard avoidance much more achievable at normal human mental capacity (something that time is rapidly decaying my opinion of). I am hoping that SuMo days at my local cart tracks are run much more like sportbike days, but time will help me discover that detail too.

Also, I spend a lot of time training for the State. I operate a training site out in Simi Valley, an inland-ish area of Southern California. We, as trainers, are expected to push ourselves to learn more within the industry. For me, getting into a new segment that blends my on-track skills with some dirt skills is just TOO MUCH FUN!!! So I used this bike as I was coaching some of the States Instructors at our Northern California event held at the Little 99 cart track in Stockton. Below are some of images:
California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-068-d07_6256-x3.jpg
Observer station in the background was where other Instructors would learn from Total Control staff what to look for and how to identify coachable opportunities.

California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-k03_5808-x3.jpg
By the end of the day, I had discarded the post-apocalyptic no-visor look and was caught providing some feedback to another Instructor.

California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-207-d07_6615-x3.jpg
Following Instructors at their own pace, I needed to maintain form and set good examples on track.

California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-106-d07_8051-x3.jpg
The second day began wet, so I wore my normal track suit that I have an RS Taichi rain-suit that fits over. By the end of the day, I had stripped off the rain suit because everyone was calling me the walking condom. Left my normal track helmet on because I didn't have time to change it out for the dirty-version.

4. So what's in store for the future?
Well, now that I've ridden this beast for a couple of days, put a few hours on her myself, and had a chance to form an opinion, I'm psyched! Even with the suspension in its limited state, I had a BLAST riding this light and nimble frame, and throwing it around with ease was a joy.

I picked up a full-length side stand, and the suspension is on its way back to me from Race Tech right now. I am really stoked to get it back in and sit on the bike at full-intended height!

California 2011 FS570 soon to be track-tard! (a novel)-suspension-race-tech.jpg
This is the suspension now that Race Tech have done their work.

Apparently their high-line of shock springs only come in that color. Fine if I were on a KTM, and I could have had it powder coated and re-etched with the spring rate and info, but without the forethought and being in a bit of time pinch to get the work done prior to their year-end, beggars can't be choosers.

The red fork seals though.... I hate to sound like a style snob, but, ew!

January 10th I'm taking the Total Control Intermediate Riders Clinic. Then on January 24th I will take the Total Control Advanced Riders Clinic. These are both classes that I encourage developing riders to take, as they are excellent opportunities to develop more road-speed skills without the hassle of track-prep. Instructors give an abundance of feedback on your riding skills, while riding your own bike. I do this all in preparation to certify to teach the Intermediate course. I'm looking forward to offering that at our site in early 2016.

Following riding the FS570 through all this additional training, I will get this beast out to some of the local SuMo days. SoCal SuperMoto is a local group that does some great on-track training. I will be attending a few of their events. I also hope to do Rich Oliver's Mystery School with a group of other trainers in early 20216. With any luck, then hope to tuck in a trip to American Supercamp either late 2016 or early 2017.

5. In conclusion:
With riding for me, it is always a balance of the length of my honey-do list, how long I can convince my wife and infant I may be away, and what can I afford! Having done some planning, and getting dates and events on the calendar, I can't wait to ride this beast some more!!!

Thanks to this Husaberg Forum for being a strong player in the community, and contributing the knowledge base that mongers of oddball bikes desire. I promise to stop by occasionally for a good read, to share my findings and experiences, and to occasionally play devil's advocate (time and trolls willing).

Cheers to all and a Happy New Year!

Rick Becker
MRE Corp.

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January 1st, 2016, 09:34 AM   #2
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I Ride: FE390, FS570, FE 570, Malcolm Smith's 1967 Baja 1000 winning Husky 360,many other brands
My 2011 FS is hard to start when cold. I actually carry starting fluid with me. Once it has run for a few minutes, it starts fine. I also have a 2011 FE390 and FE570, and they both start fine. After you've ridden if for awhile. could you let me know how the suspension is? I'm a lightweight (125 pounds) and the stock suspension is stiff for me...
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January 2nd, 2016, 02:55 AM   #3
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Well thats a long post but I read all of it thx for taking the effort/time
I recognize the suspension "problem" from slow rebound in the rear I got my rebound adjustments set to max speed and I think it's still to slow...
Had my schock serviced already (new oil/gas sent to ktm).
But It is still like this maybe something typical for this schocks???
I am sure if I sent my bike to suspension specialist and spend a couple of hundred the bike could be a lot better.
But as the bike is now it's already pretty good maybe later I wil look to get less offset on the front for more grip/feel going into corners.
I saw something interesting adjustable or fixed fork bottoms but very little info from the people who make them.

My bike starts fine what exhaust is on the bike that is to noisy fmf 4.1?? do you have the noise insert.
IMO waste of money to buy an akrapovic just buy low noise insert unless your realy an akrapovic fanboy
Thanks from Slothfryk
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January 11th, 2016, 04:27 PM   #4
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From: Ventura, CA

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I Ride: '11 FS570, '12 RSV4 Factory, '01 MH900e, '03 YZ250F, '77 CB650, '01 CRF150, Thumpstar
Howdy again, folks! I spent a bunch of time last week turning wrenches and getting familiar with the bike while I put the suspension back in.

jroble- thankfully I don't need to go the starter-fluid route. I'm not patient enough for that. All yesterday it would fire up after 5 turns on the first or second attempt. Stoked!

The new suspension feels GREAT!!!! Firm, but pliable. Just like I like my wife's ass.

HusaBELFfs570, sorry for the novel of a first post. My bosses tell me I'm expressive. If what you've described is that the shock I experienced might have been stock, then I guess I've spoiled myself with suspension over the past few years. I'm certainly appreciative for the work that has been done now. The bike feels really planted, even over the chewed-up parking lot we rode this weekend.

I purchased the bike with an FMF Powercore 4.1, yes. Surprisingly, I noticed that the spark arrestor was still in it. I took that out, and it breathed a little easier, less pop. Yes, I am an Akrapovic fan boy. I cannot deny that. My ancestry is Slavic, so I see it my support of the "old country." Plus, I've got a shop that owed me some favors, so I got a general can cheaply. It is a similar length can, so all I have to do is work up a mount for it. Shouldn't be tough. That's the next project at the moment.

Oh, and apparently the replacement side-stand I bought is for a general KTM. It is 3.5" longer than the one that came on my bike. So I'll have to determine if I can use the one that came on the bike with welding marks, or if I need to find an OEM length side-stand. I found a good thread here with a couple folks chiming in on stands and preferences. I'll take that into consideration.
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