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scrapveiw January 29th, 2008 01:08 PM

whats the difference husky 610 ?
i have chance of a mint 1995 husky 610, very cheap at 300 quid (no spark) i know they are a different cc but other than that are the engines pretty much the same I.E can you interchange most parts , i cant remember , havent looked at one close up for a long time , TAFFY? :?

Craigy January 29th, 2008 07:54 PM

RE: whats the difference husky 610 ?
Very similar design to the pre 2000 'berg motor. But there are some big differences also, no balancer
and no oil pump. The lubrication of the bottom end relies on the up stroke of the piston pulling oil through the line from the sump plug. It is essential that the reed valve and crank seals seal well or the bottom end will starve for oil.

Actual size is 577cc and they make good power, they are very light but vibration is pretty bad though.

The head design looks the same but I haven't been able to compare directly. I suspect a lot of the 'berg parts will interchange. The gearbox is the same as all the late 80s husky 2 strokes just the number of teeth on the gears change. We made close ratio boxes using 125 gears.
They use an SEM ignition and I think the 95 has a Mikuni carb.
We were getting 60 hp at the wheel with just a raise in compression and some porting. Too much compression and the cases broke. The rod would stretch at high rpm and you need plenty of clearance to the valves which are 2 piece and break easily. I ran a Carillo rod but some others had titanium rods made, they were getting around 70hp.

scrapveiw January 30th, 2008 12:54 AM

RE: whats the difference husky 610 ?
my berg has no oil pump and no ballancer as it is an older one , thanks for the info .....regards ....ian

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