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May 25th, 2020, 11:26 AM   #1
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FE 390 runs great but won't Idle

hello all. Have had the bike since new but dot put a lot of hours on it each year. Actually didn't even ride it last year

Its a 2011 FE390 with the map switch, full akrapovic ti exhaust and radiator fan.. otherwise stock.. besides cleaning the gas tank slime off the filters when new it has been fairly flawless.

As is didnt ride it last year it fired right up this spring but didn't seem happy.. so i pulled the tank and drained all the gas, new plugs ect. And now it runs like it always did... but just won't idle

It fires up right away when cold and sounds great... then after about 30 sec as it warms it starts to miss every 20 revolutions or so... then longer misses... until it dies. I went for a ride with my daughter... put on 50 miles or so and it ran great... but died everytime I stopped and needs to be revved a bit to keep it from stalling when started.

I checked the tps and it was within spec(at least the spec from ktm sites) just replaced the injector. Fuel pump sounds good... but would think the harder riding would be affected if it was that. Any other ideas you guys have before I make the 6 hr treck to the dealer?
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May 26th, 2020, 10:50 AM   #2
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there are fuel injector cleaning additives you can add to your fuel. give that a try?

and next time don't lay up your bike so long without turning it over ya hear!!!!

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May 26th, 2020, 12:14 PM   #3
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Riding a 2010 390, 296 hrs with a new piston at 285 hrs.
I'm having exactly the same problems with stalling. It is now so bad that when riding trails, if going down a hill and I pull the clutch in to coast, it will stall after about 30 seconds. Sometimes it will stall if I give it a bit of gas coming up off idle with the clutch in, even on a downhill with the known clutch dragging issue which should help to keep the engine moving on a down hill.
I've replaced the fuel pump, and fuel filter, which was quite black and starting to implode from the pressure off the pump. Seems my old pump was just fine.
I do have a concern about the fuel lines inside the tank. The hose between the filter and the quick-disconnect is kinked at either end. This is downstream from the pump, so it may straighten out when under operating pressure, but it seems like it would restrict fuel flow if it doesn't. I can't find a source for those fuel lines anywhere. Any leads would be appreciated.
I'm about to go into the injector and clean that too. A mechanic friend of mine also tells me that tight intake valves could cause stalling. So the top end needs to come of and valves gaped and re-shimmed if necessary.
Please post your solution if you find one. I'll do the same if I fine one.
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May 29th, 2020, 01:20 PM   #4
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I'll post up if I find a solution. To me it doesn't seem like a fuel issue as it runs good under throttle. It also starts great cold, idles great cold... but after 30 secs or a min it starts to miss... and then dies at about the 2 min mark. What sensors are in this bike... ie air fuel, air, ect? It seems to me to be more related to getting bad info at idle as to where that mix is and the ecm tries to fix a non issue.. making it an issue. While I don't miss carbs... things like this do make me long for them a bit

Taffy... i did run some cleaner through the tank... and then put in a new injector all together. Since I plan on keeping the bike for many years I figured an injector on hand if it wasn't it wouldn't hurt. And yes... if I get it running well
.. ill promise not to let it sit for more than needed. I am in Minnesota... so can't ride due to snow for something like 9 months or so!!!
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390, great, idle, runs

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