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proflow September 14th, 2018 07:52 PM

Stator and rectifier question ?
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Hi folks,

Upon gutting the aftermarket street wiring conversion on my 08' FE 450 in place of a purchased complete factory harness from an 06' SE 650, I found a Trail Tech rectifier that is almost twice the size of mine. So I got a bit excited & jumped into the tub I have the dropped valve 650 in & pulled the stator out wondering if it was stock or what. Maybe someone here can tell me with these pics ? I can simply pull the two bolts & look on the other side for a part number if need be. Just have those tools not in my area right now is all. If this is a stocker, should I bother running the Trail Tech rectifier ? Id think yes & save the factory unit in case, dunno.
This looks like a stocker to me, however probably not a bad idea to swap in onto the FE as now im running a fan, etc. Id guess it puts out more than my 08' FE550 & w/the Trail Tech rectifier Im thinking thats the way to go. Opinions ?

Edit: I did pull the two 8mm bolts & nothing on backside. Front has 16 and E9 stamped into it. Anyone know if this is a stocker and does it put out any more than my FE450 stocker ?

Thanks in advance----Proflow

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