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October 28th, 2016, 09:50 AM   #41
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Oils and oil additives

Originally Posted by polska View Post
These oils are designed to work in both gas and diesel engines. They have all necessary ingredients to deal with diesel and gas combustion process, so really its not accurate to call it gas engine oil, rather car standard specific type and that type seys where it can be used.

Yes Polska, exactly. Oils carrying the service ratings for both diesel and gasoline engines are acceptable for both. Oil companies may target a "diesel" oil because it passes the higher standard imposed for diesel usage, and because it has met the standard for shear and heat tests that have nothing to do with detergents and anti-wear additives. The reality is that oil receiving only gas engine ratings will be harmful in a diesel is more the worry.
That's the thing. All this conjecture about diesel oil harming a gas engine is pure speculation without backing by science or fact.

No oil that has a gas API rating will in any way harm a gas engine calling for that rating OR IT WOULD NOT RECEIVE THAT RATING. It's really that simple.

Another thing to keep in mind is that manufacturers make contractual agreements with oil manufacturers to "recommend" a specific brand and type of oil to be used in their vehicles. Of course these agreements are mutually beneficial to both parties.
A good example is BMW Motorrad recommended only Castrol be used in all their bikes for years. Then a couple years ago the changed that to "BMW Advantec", their own labeled brand refined and bottled for them by Shell. So what happens to all the bikes that previously got the Castrol recommendation? If you go to a BMW dealership asking for oil or an oil change for your older bike they are going to give you the Advantec made by Shell. You will have to find the Castrol elsewhere. Even though they are not the same formulation.
The Shell oil is an "ester" oil formulated from natural gas. Full synthetic and the top of top shelf. Better than the Castrol? Yes because it has the newest API rating of "SN".

So now BMW wants you to use their brand. But that doesn't mean using a different brand oil will void your warranty. I just called my dealership and asked (you'll have to take my word for that). All BMW asks for when owners do their own work is documentation in your owners manual that you did the work and that you "used any brand of oil with the rating spec'ed or higher" in the owners manual. No problem with diesel oil with the gas and JASO specs. No problem with outside brands of oil filters either.

When warranty issues come up BMW does not try to weasel out of honoring the claim. They even take claims past the 3 year warranty period (best in the industry BTW) on a case-by-case basis. My 07 K1200GT got a full shaft drive differential replacement for free, an over $2000 part, at 11 months past the end of the warranty period because the previous owner had had the bike in for the same problem during the warranty period and the repair obviously didn't work. The problem was oil leakage. I got all the paperwork with the bike when I bought it from the original owner, and it's all spelled out. Yeah, I'll buy another BMW. I just did 3 months ago

What's that say? This isn't rocket science and there is no "or else". BMW wants their customers to buy another BMW when the customer is ready for another bike. And BMW has the clout to choose any oil brand they want. They undoubtedly went with the best deal. It is a business after all. Blended to their specs? Of course. Would other oil brands of similar spec have been an option? What do you think?

Endorsements are an age old business practice which equal profit. Not rocket science, money science.

The only other consideration for use by motorcyclists is the oil bath clutch aspect, which I think most of us "get" what that is about by now

There is some very interesting discussion going on about oil at

Not the normal Internet gibberish talk forum, lots of science and fact-based info. Very insightful and myth dispelling. The forum is after the article at the above link.

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I do think that Recluse has removed the use of diesel oil from their guidelines due to warranty issue with the manufactures as it became a liability to them, I might be wrong but do think that was the case
i never heard that, but i have never ventured into the newer rekluse. i've just used the original and the pro series, which use similar technology, and they don't promote those much any more. i think they were trying to say that it was a safe oil to use based on the fact that it was not the energy conserving type.
the newer style is quite different.
in any case, it works well for me.
i was a dealer back in the '70s and '80s and we would always tell customers to use the motorcycle specific oils to protect their engines, and then use regular automotive oil in our own bikes (no profit in selling oil you can get at walmart).
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October 30th, 2016, 02:45 PM   #43
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Well this was interesting. I wanted to buy oil for my 2007 merc diesel, it is same as bluetec except adblue/urea fluid. In our Canadian tire store they had a listing and oil but viscosity was lower than I was familiar with. I went to another but asociated partssource, and same thing they had x w 30 oil for it. We checked again and by their computer it was mercedes recommended oil. I couldn't believe that smething w 30 should go into diesel. Off I go to independent one more time, now I know these guys have many exotic European oils, and guess what? Same bloody thing! So I ask some questions and I look into their computer and lo and behold! There is a list of about 6-7 viscosity all recommended! From 0 w 30 to 15 w 50! They only had 0 w 30! So this time I got it, did oil change and car is fine, no change at all! Castrol works directly with vw and they don't even bother include api spec! Mobil and liquid molly are something like 0 w 30 and 5 w 30. Both good for common rail merc and bluetec. One is good for latest vw class 507. Both t6 and Dello 400 synthetic have the highest Volvo rating possible Vds4. So looks like at least sometimes many viscosity are recommended. Or manufecturers are doing whatever the hell they want. That said I would stay in within what they recommended, unless I had verified and proven that something else works like Dello for example then I say I go with that. I have been working for many years in deallerships and believe me they are looking out for themselves not for us. I would love to know what oil was sponsoring r6 racing and what oil they ended up using in previous post story.
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Oil and additives

Here's a link if you want to buy top quality oils and additives.
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heres a link if you want to buy high quality oils and additives.
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