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WoodThinkAgain April 3rd, 2016 09:20 AM

2010 FE390 Torque Limiter
Pretty much since I got my bike, I've been having a hard time starting it. Sometimes it'll turn over for a few seconds and that's enough to get it going, but mostly it just whines at me and does nothing to the engine.

I'm fairly certain that it is the torque limiter, as I've watched a couple of videos (including Taffy's), but they seem to be occurring on different models and I wanted to know if this was a common issue on the 2010 fe's as well.

I'm also looking for a little more info on Taffy's advice to simply shim the existing torque limiter. I'm not that great at this stuff, so I'll probably get my mechanic to do it for me. Unfortunately, he's never worked on Husabergs before, so the more info I can give him the better. Otherwise I've just got the service/repair manual which shows how to dismantle the engine and take out the torque limiter, but not how to service it, and since it's a $200/US part, I'd rather keep what I've got.

Thanks in advance for any info that you can provide.

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