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bahnsy February 17th, 2016 05:39 PM

1989 to 2004 Timing Chain and Cam Gear
With engine parts becoming hard to source its becoming increasingly difficult to understand what parts will work with others when you locate NOS in some of the old Husaberg dealerships
Point in case is the timing chains fitted to bikes from 1989 to 2004.
My understanding is that Husaberg (and later KTM) used three (3) different suppliers of timing chains. Although I have no proof, I believe that Regina supplied the chains from 1989 to 2001. For the 2002 to 2003 models an IWIS chain was used and finally the 2004 model onwards used a DID chain.

My questions related to backward (&) forward inter-changeability and what chain manufactures have proven to be the most durable & reliable.
1 If I was able to procure a chain longer than I need, i.e. I have a 04 450 that requires a 64 link chain and I was able to source a NOS 78 link chain from a MY96 400, would I be able to safely remove the 14 links and use the chain on my original gears.
2 Is there a KTM chain of a length longer than I need that I can shorten and use.
3 Can I interchange the camshaft gears between the alloy an steel versions? (de-comp aside)
4 What is considered to be the most durable & reliable between the Regina, IWIS & DID chains.

Alloy Timing Gear
20003201 (MY89 to MY96 FC & FE)
20015801 (MY96 FEE)
20015801 (MY97 on)
20027601 (MY02 to MY03 all capacities)

Forged/Cast Steel Gear
80036011000 (MY03 On - All Capacities)

Timing Chain
64 Link 20004504 (MY01 to MY03 400cc & 470cc)
64 Link 80536013000 (MY03 on 450cc)
66 Link 20004505 (MY01 to MY03 501cc & 550cc)
66 Link 80036013000 (MY03 on 501cc & 550cc)
70 Link 20004506 (MY01 to MY03 650cc)
70 Link 81036013000 (MY03 on 650cc)
78 Link 20004502 (MY94 to MY00 501cc)
78 Link 20004502 (MY90 on 350cc)
78 Link 20004502 (MY96 on 400cc)
80 Link 20004501 (MY89 to MY93 501cc)
82 Link 20004503 (MY92 on 600cc)
Timing Chain Clip Link - 20006601 (TBA / MY89 to MY03 On - All Capacities)
Timing Chain Rivet Link - 20030901 (IWIS / MY01 to MY03 On - All Capacities)
Timing Chain Rivet Link - 80036013050 (DID / MY03 On - All Capacities)

zaga February 18th, 2016 12:45 AM


Let me try to help from what I know

Yes, if you want to do it you can cut a chain for the correct length of your engine

Yes, you can change the older alloy sprocket to the newer steel one

Other thing, from what I have seen the 01-03 have the steel sprocket, my 98 has the alloy one, so they must have changed around 2000 ???

Also I don't have enough experience comparing chains, but I can tell you that the IWIS is a very good one, I have one running for more than 5 years.


bushmechanic February 18th, 2016 01:55 AM

from what ive found iwis and did are the same longevity its just that the iwis is effectively shorter so it appears to last longer, Regina is shorter again.

orangeberg has stock of regina cut to suit.

did is lighter and has solid rollers not split rollers like the iwis

the chain code is 06B and this is the same as found in many automotive engines

KTM chain = no they use an 03B in the rfs which is lighter bit different pitch /length etc

the upper and lower sprockets however are interchangeable with the rfs engines/berg just that the distance between the 2 is different.

spanner February 18th, 2016 02:01 AM

Can the chain be brought by the metre?
That is what I would like to know.

bahnsy February 18th, 2016 01:12 PM

[QUOTE=bushmechanic;169046]from what ive found iwis and did are the same longevity its just that the iwis is effectively shorter so it appears to last longer, Regina is shorter again./QUOTE]

I'm a little unsure by what you mean when you say a chain is effectively longer.


bushmechanic February 18th, 2016 02:46 PM

The rollers on the did are smaller (very slightly) so when in use it appears longer

The difference between sprocket centres on my 650 is about 1.2mm between the Iwis and the did

I know because I moved the cam 1mm up in my engine

Before I moved it a new did had 2 clicks left and the new Iwis something like 8 on the same bike

Some people have found that a Regina chain is simply too tight to put on at all

May be of use when building strange engine combinations

WArdogG February 18th, 2016 09:22 PM

Bushie, was it Spanner who was busy making a different shaped tensioner blade for the cam chain? I was wondering about doing the same, since I have the same issue, new DiD chain has 2 or clicks left on the tensioner. Which means I effectively only get like 50hrs or so before the tensioner is maxed and I have to replace the chain...or make some other plan to support the chain a bit better to get more life out of the chain.

Extending the tensioner is a no-go, since the chain will start rubbing on the water port if extended beyond the standard reach of the tensioner.

I have an idea there, but I will try it first and see how it turns out

zaga February 19th, 2016 04:54 AM


Bushie, how can you interchange sprockets with RFS with different pitches ?

Or do you mean change everything ? both sprockets and chain from RFS ?


husabutt February 19th, 2016 01:00 PM

I do know that the KTM RFS cam sprocket will not directly interchange with a Berg sprocket. If I remember correctly it has too many teeth that are smaller and the sprocket is thinner.

As for the bottom sprocket remember the gen 1 runs off the crank and the gen 2 runs off the balancer.

I will dig out the KTM sprocket and post some comparison pics.

bushmechanic February 19th, 2016 04:26 PM

That is corect The lower Ktm rfs cam chain drive sprocket interchanges with the lower husaberg one

The upper cam chain sprocket also interchanges

The distance between them is different obviously and also pitch so you would have to use both

If you could match up the difference in distance somehow ( Frankenstein engine ) then you would have an opportunity to use the lighter chain (03B).

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