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520pilot September 16th, 2009 02:31 PM

Deflector plate and oil...whata you guys think
Hey Crew,
Talked to a fellow Berg rider interstate yesterday and he gave me a few points to condsider, thought I'd get a general line of thought if you'd care to input

a. Told me the small deflector plate inside the right hand ignition cover was prone to crack from vibration then spin around inside and do some damage...he suggested it was better this a common issue, I looked on the site but didn't pick up any pointers..?

b. He also was given a heads up that Bel Ray Thumper oil which is a blened synthetic mineral was good / better than many for the bergs...bearing in mind I'll change oil out every 500 K's with filter thought I'd ask your thoughts...

Via my Harley shop I can get a very good price on Motorex Formula 4T it's also a blended oil for HP 4 stroke application available in 10W40 and 15w50...anyone run this gear before...if so anythoughts you'd like share.



Taffy September 17th, 2009 12:54 AM

RE: Deflector plate and oil...whata you guys think
i run 10/40 formula T as a nice go between for all owners. plus being only a semi, it is ok for clutches and starter spragues. i'm not into oils, they bore me. i pick one and as long as it does the job - it stays.

after a rebuild etc owners are going to dump the oil after 2 hours anyway so it could be milk i'm putting in i suppose!



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