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July 10th, 2008, 01:38 PM   #1
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Another Noob (and another tale of woe)

I bought a 2002 650e 'berg in supermoto trim off a guy in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago via ebay.

The day I pick it up I get labyrinthitis so I cant ride the bike for about 10 days

The bike started ok when I went to see it but after a 10 days sat out in the wet it doesnt want to know. I've kicked and kicked and kicked but nothing.

The bikes supposed to have been thru DCR for a tune and a slipper clutch and has an interesting lump of chemical metal on the bottom of the engine casing I didn't notice when I went to see it.

I have my sense of balance back now and I'm desparate to ride it. I used to have an LC4 which I could kick into no problem.

Can anyone recommend a savvy mechanic round about the Edinburgh area that might be able to help as I've reached the end of my mechanical knowledge.
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July 10th, 2008, 02:45 PM   #2
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RE: Another Noob (and another tale of woe)

welsome to UHE my freind and lets see if we can help you.

plug out and leave on a gas cooker in the flame for 3-4 minutes till it suddenly burns all the excesss fuel off. refit.

try to use the choke for just two kicks and then 5/6 without. then repeat.

here's what you need to do when you have it running.

tappet clearances
my crescent kickstart mod if you fancy taking the left cover off
has the starter been 'running through with that kinda "just failed to hook up" noise? if so: whilst in there change the sprague out for a new one or as you'll see from the doc you can try and shorten the external spring on it.
change to a quality IXU24 nippon plug.
if it fails again: pour a tiny drop into the rubber sock and it'll take it.
blow out the carb, especially the long choke jet stood alone in the corner.
replace the atomiser and needle and refit a 33PJ as well as getting a No40choke jet instead of the No45.
you should have a YTZ7S battery fitted as everyone does by now.
if you can, do a dead stop test to find the true RDC and then strobe the engine and adjust the ignition to the new mark.

you may also consider having the rocker cover off completely and checking the cam timing visually. it's not hard, it's in the doc. if it's out you'll need a new chain probably. if it's a long way out then you may be a tooth off!


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July 10th, 2008, 03:01 PM   #3
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Hi mate,
Follow these simple steps before even thinking about looking for a mechanic.
1) Is the engine getting a spark? Proceed if the answer is YES. If NO, you could have a faulty plug, a loose connection or moisture may have gotten into the stator. (There's a good chance of water or moisture in the stator if the bike's been sitting out in the rain for 10days).
2) Is the engine getting fuel through the carb? Proceed if the answer is YES. If NO, check the fuel pipes and the carb itself for blockages / crap.
3) Is the engine flooded? If the spark plug is reeking of petrol, then chances are you've flooded the bugger whilst trying to kick her over. Leave the plug out and kick the bike over for a few minutes with the petrol OFF to let the unburnt petrol in the cylinder evaporate. Fit a new plug before trying to start.
4) If the engine is not flooded and you're getting a good spark and fuel through the carb, the bike SHOULD start.
I used the following technique successfully to start my FC600.
a) FROM COLD, turn the petrol taps ON and kick the bike over around 20 times or so (not strong kicks, just turning the engine over). Do not twist the throttle.
b) Turn the choke ON (petrol still ON) and get the kickstart right to the top of it's stroke.
c) Give the bike a good strong kick all the way through it's stroke until it stops against the footpeg.Do not twist the throttle. The bike should start if everything is mechanically OK.
If you don't kick the bike all the way through it's stroke it can kick back strongly and give you a sore foot or shin (or worse!).
d) If you follow this procedure and the bike still refusues to start after about half a dozen or so good kicks, then your problem may be more serious!
Good Luck!!!
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July 16th, 2008, 01:19 AM   #4
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I have the same model year berg and was having similar problems.

My starting procedure is:
1) Fuel on
2) Choke on
3) pull in manual decomp and kick thru 12 times
4) Choke off
5) 1 - 3 good full length kicks with absolutely no throttle and she should go (if not go back to 2)

Once running don't touch throttle for a minute or so.

If no luck and you are running a dellorto carb chcek the needle for wear. Taffy recommended I change this and the bike has been great since. However still won't start off restarter.

Good luck

Keep us up to date on your progress. I am due up in Sunderland in a month or so and a distraction from the inlaws would be welcome if your still having problems.
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July 17th, 2008, 10:13 AM   #5
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Hi, Have a look at the thread "That Kick start chestnut" on 02's it is all about technique (assuming bikes set up right) TDC and all that - if having problems, get someone who knows about thumpers to start it. Once you know it starts ok then it's up to you - learn the technique or get upgrades like I did & taffy suggests. Mine starts easy off the kick or button now & believe me, I do know what you're saying....I had loads of posts over the last year saying "mine starts easy..whats your problem"..not helpful. See the thread.
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