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Knopey March 29th, 2005 02:54 PM

Steve, from Port Macquarie, 4hr north of Sydney.

gerard March 30th, 2005 02:04 PM

Ozzie Bergs
G'day all

Seems like there not too many berg riders in Canberra...

Well least that's one more aussie to the list..

If anyone wants to go for a ride within 3-4 hours of canberra give me an email

gerard March 30th, 2005 02:05 PM


44014 March 30th, 2005 02:07 PM

And what..? :?

steve March 30th, 2005 02:11 PM

Numeralla is 1.5 hrs South (of Canberra). I get out every 2-3 weeks, ride with DSMRA and Cooma Off Road Club and anyone else that'll join me in the Numeralla hills.

I also run Frank Pons/ BikeTek suspension weekends. Frank comes down and does his thing on your bike and you get to test and fine tune with Frank's assistance. Next one is 13/14/15 May. Good fun and good value.

Any interest in an Oz Force Ride? Louee perhaps?


stolliberg March 30th, 2005 03:16 PM

aussie berg owners
Ian from Wagga.
Just got a 03 FE501e. Awesome bike.

nsman March 30th, 2005 05:38 PM

As a side note to this thread, is there anyone out there from N.Z.?

Stirlo May 3rd, 2005 03:21 PM

Aussie 'berg owners
G'day everyone, this is my first post.

I'm Stirlo from Brisbane, just got a '04 FE450e and lovin it! :D

faktor May 4th, 2005 06:06 AM

Well hello all !! Quiet a few Aussies on here now.

BundyBear May 5th, 2005 03:26 PM

Re: Ozzie Bergs

Originally Posted by gerard
Seems like there not too many berg riders in Canberra...

That is where my bike came from a couple of years back.

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