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vormeccano April 13th, 2006 12:05 PM

Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
Hello, i'm living in holland and would like to read reviews of husaberg riders which are not addicted to the brand but are reasonable and can advise me on the following :
After a period ( 1 year) of reading articles and riding other of road bikes ( yamaha and VOR) i think i want to buy a Husaberg as well. The Vor is fine but the factory in Italy is not so steady in after sales at the moment.
Now i have seen a husaberg 450 fe e 2004 model with 3000 km on the clock.
It looked fine but with the engine running i heard more mechanical noise than i suspected from a watercooled engine.
My air cooled TT 350 is even more quiet.

Questions: The engine is of course powerful and therefor mechanical noise is possible but is this normal ?
At what time/ hours/km's a piston is needed to change and when is the big end ?
Are there problems with the clutch ?

What are the strong and weak points of 2004 and up husaberg 's?

Thanks for your answers.
A potential husaberg rider


DaleEO April 13th, 2006 02:18 PM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
Hi vormeccano,

I'm sure that members other than myself would love to help you out.

Could you tell us about the kind of riding you do, do you race, your skill level as a rider, how much do you ride, how hard do you ride your bikes etc...

I'm approaching 100 hours on my 2004 FE550E and she's running great!

sandskipper April 13th, 2006 04:46 PM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?

The 2004 and up bikes have proven to be a very good over all package as far as reliability goes. Husaberg sorted out the big reliability issues with the counterbalencer, rockers, cam, camchain, as well as going to the Keihen carburetor and Kokusan ignition. The noise that you hear is a tell tale sign of the straight cut gears that Husaberg uses which are stronger but noisier than a tapered design, nothing to be concerned about but takes some getting used to. Over time the whining noise will become less noticeable as you get used to it. The e-start on the Bergs have come a long way from the pre 2003 bikes but there are a few hit and miss issues from time-to-time but nothing that should deter someone from buying. Overall, Husaberg has made great strides in their reliability issues that plagued their reputation from 2000 through 2003. I have been the owner of a 2002 FC550 and have had only one small issue that was easily rectified, other than that, 3 years of trouble free Husaberg ownership. As far as the displacement goes, that is a personal decision that you as the owner will have to decide on which bike fits your type of riding. I am partial to the 550 bike as I think it gives you a good all around package and is "universal" for almost all applications. Im sure there will be others that will also respond and give you more input and other things to consider.

ps. Something else to keep in mind is that these are high performance bikes. They do require you to keep up on a routine maintenance schedule. If you are willing to give the bike the attention that it requires, it will return the favor with many years of enjoyable riding. Depending on the riding that you do, 200 hours is about the average time you should expect before doing a partial or complete tear down for piston and bearings.


BrianSM April 13th, 2006 10:07 PM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
my 550 sm sounds like a supercharger... its as loud as you ever hear...the only part that sucks is you can't do a sneak up and pass deal..... :cry:

vormeccano April 13th, 2006 11:36 PM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
Ok thank you all for your answers.
What type of rider i am ?
I ride average. about 2 times per month, organized off road rides, trips to france and spain ( cataluna). Before riding off road i raced circuits with ducati, montesa two stroke(classic against ducati's; haha fantastic such a nimble 90 kg bike against double the weigth and double the power bikes) and supermono szr yam 680 (very nice big bang bike).
The vor has the same straight cut build even with gear driven cam so i wondered the incredible noise but ok if you know nothing is cracking down underneath me and the oilfilter stays clean .... ?!

I will driving for fun but love the sight and simple build up of the berg. ( thear ar very much similarity's with the VOR, simple, spartan but good handling i expect and good torque en top end power)

I give every bike the proper maintenance (more than my friends say) and check after every ride the oil etc.

Yesterday i saw also the fe/e 501 from 2003 but i think with the SEM ignition and dell orto carb. Good condition ( even better als the 2004 450) and 1000 euros less.

So lets' hear more of your experiences


Bluto April 14th, 2006 12:05 AM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
Hallo Vormeccano

I would go for the 2004,it has the Keihin and the kokusan ignition.
Also many other things are improved on the 2004 bikes.worth the extra money.Just my 2 eurocents. :D
Check this out: ... /FE650.htm

Aspen April 14th, 2006 03:05 AM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
Hi Vormeccano!

The whining noise you hear is mainly due to the counterbalancer design. Some noise can also be contributed to the violent cam profile and very stiff valve springs. This sound level is "normal" for the new generation engine (2001 and on).

For a quieter engine and longer life, I suggest a cam from Dale Lineaweaver together with a set of his softer springs. Removal of the balancer will do wonders with the whining noise but do this only with proper rebalancing. I´m willing to bet that your crankshaft will last longer with the balancer removed as well.
This comes at a price of course.
Lots have been written here on this subject.

As for choosing a year, 2004 and on has many problems solved.
2000 is a favorite of many. 2001-2002 requires many upgrades.
Good luck!


vormeccano April 14th, 2006 03:56 AM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
ok again thanks for the reamrks.

I think MR Bluto is a dutch member ( in the euopean map )? maybe we can have more contact for tips and tricks. Of tewel we kunnen even contact hebben voor verdere info ?


DaleEO April 14th, 2006 06:48 AM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?

Originally Posted by DaleEO
Hi vormeccano,

I'm sure that members other than myself would love to help you out.

Could you tell us about the kind of riding you do, do you race, your skill level as a rider, how much do you ride, how hard do you ride your bikes etc...

I'm approaching 100 hours on my 2004 FE550E and she's running great!

Hmmmmmm after reading my first sentence this morning I realized that doesn't sound quite right. What I meant to say was something like this: I'm sure that other memberes AS WELL AS myself would love to help you out.

Sandskipper has it covered very well in his post. I own a 2001 FE501, and although I had a few more issues with mine than Sandskipper did, I still own the bike, and consider it to be one of the best bikes I've had. I have done all of the up grades to my 501, and it now has all of 9 hours on the motor, fresh suspesion and brand new tires. In point of fact, the 2001 501 had no more issues that bikes of other manufacturers.

I too would reccomend a 2004 and up model bike. I have a 2004 fe550 as I said before, and the one thing to me that really stands out as far as mechanical goes is that the valve lash hardly changes at all. The addition of the Keihin carb, and Kokusan ignition with the throttle postiion sensor definitely refined the engine performance.

The 2004 bikes had the three bushing WP forks which work very well. I believe after 2004 they went back to the two bushing forks which still work great, but, it's my understanding that the three work better. This decision was made to keep the costs down. The latter models also come with the larger front axle to help reduce flex, and are lighter.

Also starting in 2004 the shock came with high and low speed compression damping adjusters. The high speed adjustment definitely adds suspension tuning ability for varied conditions.

The steering head angle on the 2004 was also pulled in as compared to the 2003 model.

The 2004 model year bikes were produced at the Mattigofen factory in Austria. The same place that all the KTM's are produced. I don't know if you know this or not, but, KTM owns a significant portion of Husaberg, and many parts on Husabergs are shared with KTM's, controls, forks, triple clamps, wheels, brakes, pegs, and the head on the engine. But, that's about it. The R&D on Husaberg's as I understand it, is still done in Sweden. If you were to compare a 2001 bike to a 2004 bike you can see the KTM influence in a few area's of fit and finish. For instance, the swingarm axle only has a hex nut on one side, while the other side has a two sided head that slips into a slot so that only one wrench is needed when taking the swing arm off or putting it on. The same can be said for the upper and lower shock mounting bolts, in that the nuts are incorporated in the frame/swingarm pieces so that only one wrench is required to remove or install a fastener, albeit one is a 13mm hex, and the one on the swing arm is like a 8 or 10mm allen. Other refinements include little welded on loops for tywraps to secure wiring harnesses. You can also clearly see the difference in steering head angle as well.

dsducati April 14th, 2006 07:24 AM

Re: Want to buy Husaberg. What model ?
01 and 02 models did require updating to improved rockers and double bearing balancers. Believe there was also a different cam chain tensioner,decompressor, and steel cam gear. Is always a question mark as to whether the updates have been done when purchasing these bikes. A low hour bike that has been well taken care of with documented updates from a qualified tech wouldn't scare me too much. But, check it out carefully. 03 models have updates. Also has SEM/dellorto combo. Have owned many Bergs and Huskys, and have had very little SEM problems. Others have. I find the Dellorto so easy to work with and smooth in power delivery. No complaints here. My 03 has the steeper rake of the 04 model. Was told by a Husaberg dealer that with the changing of our importers at that time, only late 03 models came to North America. May find the older steering Geometry on early 03 Euro bikes. I don't really know. As stated 04 went to the Japanese ignition and carb. A fair number of members ask about toning down the throttle rsponse on 04 and newer bikes. Dale Lineweaver suggests for them to unplug the TPS from the carb. Dale has also stated that the TPS overadvances the timing and may be the cause of overheating issues on the newer bikes as well. With some searching you might be able to find that old post. I'm with you on the gear noise. When my 03 was new the gears made a whine like my buddies VOR. Now it is becoming more of a clatter. Gear backlash is definitely opening up. Not sure why, but tend to open it up soon and have a look.

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