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Taffy June 4th, 2004 01:53 PM

surfer me old fruit gum. look at the sheet you asked ME to send you and in it you will see exactly how the great and the good do it.


logjump June 4th, 2004 02:39 PM

Are you absolutely sure the leak originates at your valve inspection covers and not possibly the,,,,

A. Rockerarm cover
B. Crankcase breather hose
C. Crankcase breather hose sleeve (piece that screws into rockerarm cover and lower breather hose slips over)

Just a few other possible culprits.


dave186 June 4th, 2004 02:57 PM

threebond 1104 on both sides of the gasket for me. doesnt come apart, but doesnt leak either.

surferguy80 June 4th, 2004 03:37 PM

well it only leask on the forn and back sides of the engine, and there is oil righ ton the botom of the rad where the fornt valve cover is, and oil rests in the little cradle that the oil filter lump lies in...not on the sides, exactly where the valve covers are...

the breather is fine, i checked it, its dry as a bone...its the covers :oops:

i DID take the rockerarm cover off not long ago,but i did a nice job of sealing it all up, and the leaks all start above that intersection

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