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March 9th, 2021, 06:57 AM   #1
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From: NW suburbs of Denver, USA

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I Ride: Still looking...
My new object of interest...2010 FE 390

Hi there - new member here. Getting ready to jump back into the cycle world after a 20 year hiatus. Was a street rider before, enjoying 400-600cc street machines in my youngen days. Now I'd like to get back into it, looking at riding mild trails, fire roads, two tracks here in CO. I don't plan on choosing tough single tracks - not for me, would rather enjoy scenery than fight with the rocks and boulders. I'll leave that to the younger, lighter riders.

I had my choices narrowed down to either 2009 Honda XR650L or 2008 KTM 450EXC. And then I came across this nice 2010 FE390 for sale locally and was intrigued by the EFI engine. About 3600mi, 212hrs, with few extra aftermarket parts.

I know a little bit about the company history, and from what I've read in the reviews the bike seems reliable and may be well suited to what I need it to do.

I wanted to hear from real owners about the FE390: how reliable is it, what's the maintenance like and what to look out for. Cost of ownership compared to KTM, if possible.

Finally, will I be able to get parts for it, if necessary?

James in Denver, CO

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March 9th, 2021, 08:19 AM   #2
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I Ride: FE390 2010
Riding exactly such a 2010 FE390 since 2016 and reached 335hrs/16300km. Parts are no problem since basically it is KTM except for the plastic and parts of the engine. Since for me it is more of a ride bike than a show bike that is not a big issue. During the early 6 years the bike has seen dessert, rocks and some abuse. I am a less extreme rider so last five years it saw mostly dirt and sand.
In all the time I rode it, it never let me down. There were some issues though:
- mounted H7 LED front light
- optimized the rear tank air outtake so it would fill faster
- wiring near the rear shock needed fresh tape and distance to make the fuel sensor work
- extra 12V connection for GPS/battery charge needed soldering for it lost connection after a few years
- front fork seals replaced twice for they started leaking
- steering bearings replaced since there was a spot where it stuck a little
- main clutch cilinder 0-ring replaced for it leaked. This was a troublesome one so now I keep a cilinder on spare
- replaced the battery of the cockpit and made a CR2032 fit in stead of the standard CR2430
- battery needed replacement, it did not start in cold conditions
- tires needed replacement, they lost grip
- refreshed liters of full synthetic oil (approx. every 1500km for I am not riding agressive)
Did most of the maintenance myself but had it serviced very two years at a former Husaberg/KTM dealer to make sure everything was taken care of. Never they came up with large things, only once valve clearance readjustment.
Frankly said the bike becomes more reliable the longer I ride it and although some wear made parts function less, like the wiring, it never stalled the bike and was easy to find and repair.
And that is not what I can say of Honda XR650 which left me out in the sand with a 'spontaneous' worn-out camshaft or a Cagiva that couldn't bear a river crossing and never reached top speed until it was completely rebuild. I have my reasons not to have experience with KTM so I hope for you someone else can shed some light on that.

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March 9th, 2021, 08:38 AM   #3
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I Ride: Still looking...
What is the recommended oil change interval on these engines and what kind of oil is suggested?
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March 9th, 2021, 10:19 AM   #4
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From: Durango, Colorado

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I Ride: Husaberg FE390; Suzuki ATV
Colorado? Me too. We have several parallels: I got back into motorcycles at age 62 (now 72). I live in Colorado (a few miles from Durango, up in the hills). I have a 2009 FE390 (same mechanically as the 2010). My son-in-law rides a 2010 FE390. Other than a simple suspension adjustment, mine is bone stock. Over 3000 miles. We did a trip to Moab in Oct. of 2020, TAT, some highway and then Moab trails (easier ones). The former owner of Handlebar Sports here in Durango had two of the FE390s and he can ride anything he wants! The bike: excellent in handling -only 254 lbs dry (less than a Yamaha WR250). GREAT low end torque for slow crawling anywhere, more power than I'll ever need. I have two other bikes (adventure bikes) but I still love the Husaberg and I plan to keep it - just excellent for its class. IF you are not riding the clutch or racing, you can get 1500 miles between oil changes (I use Kawasaki or Suzuki Full Synthetic in all my bikes, one Berg, one Kawasaki, one Suzuki). I have owned my Berg for almost 4 years and have had ONE problem: slow oil drip from an oil seal, left side. Part and labor at the the bike shop was $80 (less than an hour labor. That's' it. Great bikes. They do tend to run hot, so be sure the 390 has an electric fan behind one of the radiators AND also run "Wetter Water" in your coolant mix. One more thing, the 90 degree Bergs have a plastic subframe and won't carry much rear luggage weight. IF you go camping on it, get a GIANT LOOP horse shoe shaped bag and keep it close to your behind. I only carry one gallon of gas on the tail - no more weight. Tires: a lot of us run Pirelli MT21s or MT43s. I've run both and prefer the MT43s sightly - they "hook up" great and run fine on pavement (DOT legal). OR just run an good 50/50 if you are doing mile off road. Contact me if you are in the area and we'll ride some nice mountain roads - bring a camera!!! -Ray, near Durango
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March 9th, 2021, 10:48 AM   #5
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I Ride: Still looking...
Originally Posted by HusaGeezer View Post
Colorado? Me too.... -Ray, near Durango
Thanks Ray - appreciate such nice welcome and good info. Can't wait to see the bike - the seller lives close by.

It would make a nice addition to the small stable of cars.
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March 9th, 2021, 05:58 PM   #6
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From: NW suburbs of Denver, USA

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I Ride: Still looking...
I went and saw the bike in person today. The owner is a young kid - maybe 17-18yrs old, clean cut, well spoken. Clean garage, with 4-5 dirt bikes, the family is into dirt bikes.

He's owned the bike since last July. Both levers broken off, oil vapor on the motor case, mostly on the clutch side (right). He was just applying the oil to the air filter when I got there. He didn't know where the oil drain plug was nor did he know what oil he's using - guessing he never changed it. The chain was very dry. He said the only thing he had to do was to add mineral oil to the clutch reservoir now and then - he didn't know why. The aftermarket seat was creaking under my weight (don't laugh, I'm 6'2'' and 245lbs). The suspension felt soft and squishy under my weight. The kid said he weighs 190lbs... but I'm guessing he's closer to 170. There is some adjustment on that rear shock - we looked in the manual. He does have a nice manual for it. New stickers on the bike - I asked if he trashed the old ones... he assured me that he didn't - said the bike didn't come with any so he put some on. THere was a bit of dark oil slick under the front fork seals (not a lot, but some when I ran my finger on it).

The radiator did have louvres on it as well as a fan (I saw it at least on one side). Motor was cold when I got there - the bike started right up with no hesitation. Idled smooth and evenly. Good exhaust note. Rear tire looked worn (about 20-30% left).

I have 33in inseam and the bike felt tall, but nice and pretty light. I pulled the clutch lever in, put it in 1st gear and revved up the engine while holding the clutch in, the bike lurched forward slightly - not sure that's normal. Clutch didn't disengage the engine fully.

He let me take it around his neighborhood. The bike was very responsive in 1st gear, but the 2nd gear was not as peppy and I had to flog it pretty good to get it to third. I haven't been riding in over 20 yrs but the ride was not that impressive. I remember now that he has an aftermarket mode lever (stock, mild and wild) - I'm not sure what it was set to. It's possible it was in the 'mild' setting - I forgot to check that...

All in all, the bike looks somewhat neglected and needs work and I'm not to excited about his $4,800 asking price. Not even sure I'd be willing to give him $4k for it, to be frank given the lack of maintenance on it.

I told him I'm still looking and will let him know, but it didn't wow me.

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March 10th, 2021, 02:46 AM   #7
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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003
to me here in europe that 390 would be a dream bike because it'll be light and flickable. if you don't think it has enough ooomph then it isn't for you.

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March 10th, 2021, 12:17 PM   #8
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For what you described $3500 would maybe right. Before you buy the bike lay it over on ground pick it they are heavy but when riding you'll fall in love with it.
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