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January 23rd, 2020, 11:02 AM   #11
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thanks for all the responses guys. it has really helped to turn down the initial panic. this is my first bike Ive personally owned and research told me theyre strong with basic maintenance. i put pretty much put all my money into acquiring it and the engine leaking really had me worried because the mx shops here are EXPENSIVE. but as i mentioned my boys talked to me and assured me theyd help me out. so going up there today and will update on what we find. its a serious relief that theres still an active community in this forum.
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January 23rd, 2020, 10:51 PM   #12
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BusaHusa no need for panic no For you it will be a matter of doing some maintenance and learning you bike. Any questions what so ever just google search this forum or ask in this thread.

Originally Posted by Taffy View Post
i'm slightly taken aback by that! the idea doesn't make sense to me?

I'd argue with you Jon but your on a green pass ticket!!!!!

I hear you I don't mind arguments! I will not try to defend the idea about seizing rocker arms as I might have misunderstood, but I have seen signs on the axles. And that makes sense as oil is needed between the axles and the rockers and the oil path up to the head is probably the longest path.

My story: I forgot to fill oil after I got distracted by two friends (I made a mental note but that didn't stick...). The next day was cold and I had also installed a manual cam chain tensioner the day before so I didn't react to the empty sound and the cam chain wasn't rattling.... I took the bike to the enduro track on the highway doing 110 km/h. Did one lap in about 1 hour and took gravel roads home for about 2-3 hours. Came home, washed the bike and went to bed. Next day I woke up with panic as my brain suddenly realized!! Put some oil in the engine and it started fine. Changed oil when warm and had no signs of metal or bad behaviour. Later on I opened up the engine and the only signs I had was on the rocker arm axles. The little oil left in the engine was probably enough to squirt around the piston but not enough to get enough to the top? I use motorex 10W60 which is very thick and that might have helped? I was amazed that the engine could survive that!
This is not to hi-jack this thread but it might help HusaBusa to relax regarding a lower oil level
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January 24th, 2020, 03:42 AM   #13
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great story and a wise mechanic can deduce 20 things from that.

proper good story that! a true testamment to that engine!

Thanks from jon andersson
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January 24th, 2020, 12:49 PM   #14
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okay guys. small update. so the bike not starting was due to when i let my friend ride it, (im guessing) when he popped a wheelie he mightve put it down rough and the starter n killswitch plug got disconnected. found it and replugged it, she fired right up. YAY

Second thing. The oil leak. from research ive done im hoping what happened is they overfilled it with oil and its escaping through the air box (from what ive read). theres only one oil sight glass that i see (the engine cover was replaced with a rekluse one). it is the long vertical cylinder one. from what ive read that should be showing just over half full or max 1cm from the top of glass. if that is the correct reading then i believe there is actually too much oil and thats likely the issue (hopefully?).

for right now im ordering a few parts: ignition switch, b20ad led bulb (h6 i think?), kickstand

and of course safety first: mx9 mips helmet, gloves, ohmotor full body armor, goggles. for now

cash is stretched thin now BUT everything looks promising.
until i can do a proper service (bearings, filter, oil etc etc) i just baby her around my town when i need to go out.

i will definitely be back to update and ask more questions and when i get another phone ill upload pictures!

thanks for all the help and advice so far everyone
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