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EvDaniels October 15th, 2019 02:15 PM

2011 FX 450 No Start.
Having issues getting this bike running. Turning over but just pops once in a while.

ive put a V/O meter and tested just about everything.
-injector was taken out sent in cleaned and flow tested

-fuel pump meters out at around 50psi and can also see fuel spray while cranking

-pulser coil reads 102 ohms, and puts out around 2 volts while cranking.

the Throttle body was ultrasonic cleaned, and TPS set to 6.01 volts.

the one thing I did notice is that when I checked for spark it would only do so for about 2 seconds. Once you let it sit for 10 seconds it would spark again for another 2 seconds.

I did put a meter on the coil but it seems to be in spec.

Out of options and Im wondering if it could be the EFI.

any ideas would be a huge help


cambo October 15th, 2019 02:57 PM

Change the spark plug cap . My friend had issues with his and that was the problem

Rainerio October 15th, 2019 03:00 PM

There are 4 different fuel filters check them all. maybe bad crank sensor. Other thing coil wire at spark plug cap try cutting off an 1/8” of wire putting spark plug back on. just guessing

EvDaniels October 15th, 2019 03:01 PM

i did take it all apart, cleaned it with contact cleaner, cut about half an inch off the lead and tested it. its says its a 5k but it was more like 6 k ohms. As far as filters I've changed most and like i said i can see the injector firing a decent cone.


RogerB39 October 16th, 2019 10:44 AM

I tried everything when I had a phantom dying issue with my would die, then re-fire on its own a second or two later. Without bump-starting or hitting the magic button...none of which was good in the middle of a race!

I sold the bike to a co-worker (full disclosure) who put a dual-sport kit on it. Seems that running new/additional grounds may have solved the mystery?

Check your ground wires. I was going to replace the main one from the battery, but ended up selling the bike before I did, so I'll never know for sure.

FWIW...I had the bike put on a factory scanner immediately after it had done it little dying/restart act and NOTHING was stored in the ECU. This lead me to believe it was not an FI problem.

eeazye October 17th, 2019 05:52 AM

Not sure if you made a typo on your TPS setting, but the spec is .61 vdc. If in fact itís set to 6+ volts, itís definitely not going to start!

EvDaniels October 17th, 2019 09:27 PM

Sorry my error, it was set to .601 or as close to it as I could.

The popping started to bug me so I put a camera down the intake side and seen some corrosion on one intake valve. This lead to Pulling the head off, as I pulled the jug out the compression ring fell into my hands in two pieces.. Iím assuming a broken ring and corroded valve would be the culprit but stranger things have happened in the past.

As of now the head and jug are at the machine shop and I have a Vertex piston kit on the way.

Iíll Keep informing on the progress.

EvDaniels October 17th, 2019 09:30 PM

Thanks for the info, I’ll have time to do some wiring now it’ll be down for a bit.
Also what dual sport kit did your coworker use, I intend to do the same.


RogerB39 October 18th, 2019 09:52 AM

Funny enough, he pulled the lights/indicators, etc. off a beat down scooter and made them work. DOT and basically free.

cambo April 25th, 2020 03:06 PM

My 450 FX does not get used much I start it let it run to just keep the fuel moving through the system . Doing this may have wrecked the spark plug

- cleaned the injector same stalling problem
- swapped the spark plug cap nothing
- I was going to change the fuel pump but had an old spark plug from KTM 530 non iridium but it was the same model

that solved the problem it was a bad spark plug

it would start run for 40 seconds make a slight stumble then stall out shortly after . If the throttle was applied slowly it would rev up , but if it was opened from idle like normal riding it would stall and backfire

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