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September 23rd, 2005, 05:26 PM   #1
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From: Högsby, Sweden

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Community wide gratitude

Thank you all for this forum!

Although Husaberg is originally a Swedish product, the support and SOUL lies out HERE. You are a very essential source of knowledge and inspiration to me. You would think there is more of a national brand awareness over here, but quite the opposite. "Hey there goes another brand that couldn´t make it." ..or.. "Well, they sold it to (the lesser), so now it´s all crap". This goes for both Husa and Husky. (And Saab and Volvo). Ofcourse there is the occasional "Better let them do it, cuz we can´t produce".

Well, Swedes are neither lazy nor counterproductive, but our taxes are.

All of my buddies ride either Yams or KTM´s.
Husabergs are quite rare in the woods and on the mx-track these days. Mostly they are seen on the street as motards. There is a trend among recreational enduro drivers to go towards lighter more agile 250cc 4-strokes. I believe this has to do with the rough terrain we are blessed with. There aren´t that many situations where more power is needed for the recreational user They Say.

The Volvo Mentality. Utility, Safety, No Sex.

So thank you for upholding the excitement and the joy of having something forceful between your legs... (I tell it to everyone).

And for creating a living legend.


P.S. A few years ago, living in Blanding , UT, I thought the only thing going in Moab was MTB´s... Now it would be a stretch, though Taffy made it there from U.K.? Gotta be really expensive shipping the bike?
I´ll check it out though.
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September 23rd, 2005, 06:53 PM   #2
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I know I have never heard anyone refer to Swedes as" lazy and nonproductive".On the contrary we can only imagine what it would take for a small group of motorcycle engineers to create and then manufacture such a cutting edge product as Husaberg.The fact that they were able to continue to grow and develop the product for as long as they did and gather competition success on the world stage is amazing.
While no doubt your governments demands on business make it difficult to sustain production of products that require a very high rate of research and development,every motorcycle enthusiast in your country should be proud of Husaberg.While they may be assembled elsewhere the genius of Husaberg will always be swedish.
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September 24th, 2005, 01:10 AM   #3
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From: Ely, England

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I Ride: Husaberg FE501e 2003

one guy collected me from the airport and put me up, then took me the 8-hours to moab. he also did the reverse via the GRAND CANYON for 5-hours. he did it at 5am as the sun came up. that was splat.

i borrowed bergers bike for a day before fryguy lent me his spare for 3-days. fry had done a 20-hour trip down from canada...

but all the good work was undone by BOBZILLA! he made me cabin with BKSAVS (who quite likely feels the same way!).

terrible holiday. awful!

they're getting together again but i've pledged 2007-the return.

joking apart it was REALLY great fun and i just had to pay for the flight.


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September 24th, 2005, 09:43 AM   #4
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Re: Community wide gratitude

Originally Posted by Aspen

The Volvo Mentality.

No Sex.


I have long suspected that was the case, thank you for confirming it


Brett Saunders
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September 26th, 2005, 03:21 AM   #5
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even being a Finn, I agree !

I have a SAAB Aero and Husaberg, and that for Finn is amazing !!!

All my best to Pete from Italy !!!
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