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brucifer April 21st, 2018 03:26 AM

Found Another 650
It's not a done deal yet but it appears I'll have another 2005 FE650 in my garage in a day or two. I'm so excited! :hello1:

craigslist - Map data OpenStreetMap

(google map)

2005 Fe650e

condition: excellent
fuel: gas
transmission: manual
Husaberg FE650E

Condition: like new
Low miles, babied, has never been raced. Must see!

A buddy is picking it up for me. Definitely going to remove the number off the side plates when I get it. :D More pics when it's here.

brucifer April 24th, 2018 05:24 PM

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Finally got it home! Just as I received it.
Needs some cleaning and tidying up. With the exception of the rear fender kinda sun washed out and the seat cover sun cracked, it's in pretty darn nice shape.
And get this, it has 48 hours on it!

Needs a new battery--which I have on the trickle charger as we speak.
I'm so stoked!

polska April 24th, 2018 06:07 PM

Congrats lucky guy. Take good care of her. And enjoy riding.

pollo April 25th, 2018 10:59 AM

Now your talking brucifer. That ones a keeper.


burnman June 3rd, 2018 01:31 AM

Very nice! congrats - looks like a beauty! :)

Goose916 June 12th, 2018 08:28 AM


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