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Khristi August 13th, 2017 01:15 PM

Big big thanks to the forum - bike is running
Finally took the bike for a ride. Many thanks to the forum and users that have helped me out with getting the bike running.

History: Traded the this -94 FE 600 bike for an old -76 35 hp Johnson outboard. Got the bike home in late March, partly disassebmled. Fitted carb, exhast, radiator and the other stuff and tried to start it up. No compression when kicking it so i took off the head and found a cracked exhaust valve.

I think the valve had failed due to the decomp shaft spring first failing and then the kick decomp cable detatched which probably made the decomp shaft rotate freely and opened the exhaust valves when the piston was coming up. Not one scratch in the cylinder, minor pitting on the piston top and in the head/combustion chamber so after all I think I was lucky. Ordered new valves from Taffy, lapped them in and fitted them, back with the head and now there was a bunch of compression.

Adjusted the decomp according to the manual and again tried to start the bike. After some serious effort I was able to start the bike and it ran quite well. Still very hard to start cold and impossible to start when hot. Thought this was due to carb since stator values, spark and compression was good. Tried a bunch of idle jets, choke jets and needle positions but no change. Finally snapped the kick return spring due to the countless kicking.

While waiting for the new spring, again supplied by Taffy, I thoroughly examined the kick decomp mechanism. I think the cam on the kick shaft, which is actuating the decomp cable/lever was opening the valves too much and for a too long duration. So I put the shaft in the lathe and turned down the cam approx 1 mm. I also pretensioned the kick start one spline so that the working range of the kick starter longer. The kick now engages the idle gear about 1 o'clock instead of about 3 o'clock.

Put everything back together and kicked it cold, with choke, from just past TDC and after just a few kicks it started right up. Let it run for a while, adjusted fuel screw and idle rpm and shut the bike off. Restarted hot without choke.

Had the fuel screw 3.5 turns out with 46 idle jet so I fitted the original 52 and now it runs perfect at 2-2.5 turns out. I have the needle at third position from top and a 45 choke jet. The bike starts cold with choke and hot without choke on first or second kick and idles nice at 1400-1450 rpm. I have the Dellorto 38 roundslide carb.

Fitted a trail tech vapor computer and voltage regulator, brake light (hydrailic brake light switch in the rear calipper), reworked the wiring, fitted a horn. The bike is now ready for enduro road/training/competition registration (Sweden).

Took the bike out for a 45 min ride at some suburbia dirt roads, scared a few runners and horse back riders and I had a total blast in general. The cooling seem to work nice, it runs about 65-70 deg celsius when running although it picks up a bit heat when idling or running very slow, anyone fitted a cooling fan? Or mayby I should just avoid running slow?

Future plans: Will take the bike apart coming winter and powdercoat the frame. Will clean/polish the plastics and fit some graphics. Will have to replace the head gasket since it has a (very minor) coolant leak. It's just like 2-3 drips a day and nothing leaks to the oil or in to the cylinder. The rear brake doesn't have a real bite although fluid is replacec. Probably needs new pads, disc is fine.

Work done:
Cleaned carb (tried numerous jets but it now has stock 52 idle, 45 choke, needle in third pos and 180 high speed jet.
Replaced axhaust valves and cam chain
New exhaust rocker shaft
Setting valve clearance and kick decomp.
New head gasket (unsucsessfully it seems)
Replaced carb/intake boot
Adjusted ignition timing (approx 33 deg on advance and 6-7 deg at idle)
Replaced kick start spring and machined kick start shaft
New spark plug, oil, coolant
Reworked wiring
Replaced voltage reg
Replaced the steering head bearing
Added computer (speed, rpm, temp, time)
Added brake light and horn
Straigthtened brake and clutch levers and fitted new handles
Proably more which I can't think of right now.

Again a big thanks to the forum for supplying info, possible solution and good reading in general.

tourist August 13th, 2017 02:54 PM

Excellent!!!! Congratulations on a job well done!!

Taffy August 14th, 2017 12:07 AM

can't help but notice the enormous PJ for a 38mm roundslide carb? that's very large.

are you sure it is a roundslide and if it is, what is the slide cutaway? you can find the number underneath the slide. it will say '40' or '50' etc.

which leads me to the ignition timing. my old '98 I did the video of needed the stator rotating 2/3rds retarded in it's slots so how is yours?



Khristi August 14th, 2017 03:10 AM

2 Attachment(s)
The 52 idle jeg is standard for the 38 roundslide ( Dellorto PHM 38 ) according to the 89-96 parts manual and that what the carb had when I got the bike. I tried a 46 but then the fuel screw had to go 3.5 turns out. Starts easy cold and hot and no lean popping or hestitations so I see no problem here. Slide is no. 50.

The stator position is almost perfectly centered in the adjuting slots. The rotor has marks for TDC and 33 deg advance and I added an ink mark for the idle timing as well. The hole through the rotor and in to the stator matches the 33 deg mark.

Taffy: You don't have any mask to fork leg clamps as shown in attached image item 15, do you? It's for the WP USD forks used in 94.

Taffy August 14th, 2017 12:49 PM

no not from my bulk purchase no.


Taffy August 17th, 2017 03:17 AM

we can get aftermarket rubbers though but I guessed you knew that


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