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April 4th, 2017, 02:47 PM   #11
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Synthetic oil breaks down really quickly
All the specs on the bottle are for new oil
I've tested lots of oils that come out of my bike
Delo isn't the best when new but after about an hour it's still just as good as when you put it in. After 4 hours it is considerably more slippery than the synthetics especially mogul 300v.

IMHO this is due to increased clutch slippage with the synth oils and because delo has more nasty heavy metals in it as solid lube. So with delo The overall outcome is

It's not allowed to put lots of nice metal lubes in oil anymore. Delo still has quite a lot in it which is why it's no longer available in many countries.
Thanks from steve, spanner and Hoosaberg
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April 5th, 2017, 01:28 AM   #12
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I am going to try it, and I can get it 200m from home at the servo.
50 for 5 litres.
Multigrade SAE 15w-40
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April 5th, 2017, 10:50 AM   #13
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oil is oil. wrong!

Hello Bilga. With mineral oils even the base- stock film retention abilities vary a lot. Penzoil used to be popular with those wishing better than average protection. It was named after Pennsylvania crude, which is no longer available. For your bikes, you want a bike specific oil, due to the additives designed to survive in a engine oil lubricated gearbox. You can use non synthetic. Be aware though these oils loose film integrity a lot faster then synthetics. Expect all items to wear faster and leave more carbon deposits, usually seen baked onto piston crowns and clogging piston ring grooves. Many good tuners like mineral oil for the first few hours, this lets all the oil lubed parts get the shoulder room needed to produce full power. I bought a low milage Kawa ZX9R that just didn`t seem as fast as it should. Running mineral oil for a 1000 kms, followed by going back to full synthetic, transformed it to a wheel standing rocket.
Our Husaberg oil change regimen should easily enable any oil to last long enough. Gawd, I otta change that drain plug to a tap! Still, lots of reasons to want the best in there. Good luck, L
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April 5th, 2017, 02:41 PM   #14
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From: Port Moody, BC, Canada

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I Ride: Husaberg 400 FE
oil cont

Hello again Bilga.
This just in; years ago Castrol changed their definition of synthetic oil. They dropped 70 ish % of the oil content that really was synthetic. Instead plain old refined crude was used. It was modified all kinds of ways, so that a big voice on all things oily, the American Petroleum Institute, decided it could indeed still be called synthetic. A few concerned lubricant companies still make real synthetic. Very hard to know which.
To you and me, all we really need is to know the polymers in our oil are meant to prevent glazing of wet clutches, prevent oil breakdown in gearboxes and hugely slow cam lobe wear. Where do you get that you say? In Kawasaki synthetic 15-50 and 10-40, that`s where. They worked with a chosen supplier to make exactly the oil hard working bike engines need. Recently the formula was refined to avoid the issue of fouling up catalytic converters. High strung exotic car engines love this stuff. Onward then, L
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