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mx563 January 29th, 2017 06:16 PM

2001 FE650E basket case - rebuild
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Hello all! I haven't posted anything since my little new user intro and I thought it was about time to jump in here and share my Husaberg tale.

Last year I acquired a basket case 2001 Husaberg FE650E from a friend. I have no prior affinity for Husabergs and no experience with them. I just can't sit by knowing that a dirt bike lies in ruins with little to no chance of ever being repaired. Thus, against my better judgment, I decided to step in and try to save this beast. Anyway, I'll try to document the work I'm doing in this thread. Hopefully you guys enjoy it (more importantly, hopefully I succeed at getting this thing back on the trail).

Here are a couple of pics showing the bike the day after I brought it home...

mx563 January 29th, 2017 06:36 PM

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The first thing I did was to clean the frame. I wanted to get a rolling chassis built first. It's just easier to go park the thing someplace than manage a whole bunch of parts boxes. I figured I'd tackle the motor once I had the chassis done.

So I cleaned the frame, as well as the triple clamps. The bearings actually looked OK so I cleaned and greased them and mounted the clamps.

After that I tackled the forks. Lots of work here. One of the forks was smashed at the seal. I managed to get the fork disassembled but it took some massaging to get the "dent" out of that one outer fork tube. I used some round steel stock and got it close to round (not quite). I was aftaid I would permanently damage the thing if I kept going.

Internally, the forks had a few problems. I was able to get the parts I needed and got them re-assembled.

I also ordered up a new rear fender and mud flap. The bike didn't come with that stuff. I started installing stuff onto the frame as I went. I cleaned the shock and got it mounted. The seat, tank and shrouds are the only things I mounted that haven't yet been cleaned/prepped. The frame is a good place to store them in the meantime.

mx563 January 29th, 2017 07:03 PM

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While cleaning the swingarm, I found a [non-oem] shock bolt. The shock bolt situation is not fully resolved. I can't source the OEM ones and it's tough to find one with the correct grade and the correct shoulder length. For now, I'm utilizing a lot of washers. Not ideal, I know.
If the thing ends up running, it will receive further shock bolt attention.

I got three wheels with this thing. A pretty beat up front (with buchanon spokes), a really nice 19" rear with (with buchanon spoked), and a thoroughly thrashed 18" rear (with buchanon spokes).

The 18" wheel's hub had cracked at some point and had to be welded!!! The friend from whom I got the bike is pretty gnarly (has raced King of the Motos) and he'd been riding with that hub for some time so I'm going to run it too.

I did pull the 21" and 18"" wheels apart to clean and more thoroughly inspect them. I have a trueing stand and a wee bit of experience with it so I was comfortable doing that.

I dug up some old crappy tires and finally had a rolling chassis.

The front brakes were in several pieces. I cleaned everything, installed a master cylinder rebuild kit, and got them mounted up and bled.

The engine saga is next and that is ongoing. I'm definitely going to need some help. :(

Smash101 January 29th, 2017 08:46 PM

Keep up the great work, I'm going to be follow this for sure.
Good luck with the build.

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44014 January 29th, 2017 08:53 PM

Good on you. I would do this to a 2000 FE600e if i could find one.

Damo W January 29th, 2017 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by 44014 (Post 177493)
Good on you. I would do this to a 2000 FE600e if i could find one.

Have a look at this one then mate and it's in Brissy too.....

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Damo W January 29th, 2017 11:26 PM

Oh, and keep up the good work mx563! :thumbup:

I'm very happy to see a true gem being restored instead of parted out!


lvspeed January 30th, 2017 07:46 AM

FE600 renewal
Hi MX. Looks like you are doing well. That swing arm is off a later model. Should be same key points tho. Your FE had a massive blocky looking arm as OE. It was to fat for the chain run so the factory finally put it on a slimming program. The OE one worked fine, if one kept an eye on the guides. It is hard not to work on a Husaberg. Must be the spirit of that Swedish cromo frame. I have the same frame here. There was a Swiss engineer named Egli who designed about the most beautiful bikes anywhere. Our Husaberg frames look suspiciously like his work. Those diagonal rods and huge back bone are things he always did. Hope so anyway. Good luck, L

mx563 January 30th, 2017 07:58 AM

It is hard not to work on a Husaberg

There's some truth to this. I'm a long way from being done with this 650 and I'm already starting to think about a 93' Smets replica. These things were definitely ahead of their time. I keep watching the Husaberg factory videos over and over again on youtube. The lady dropping bearings into the cases and assembling the head is motivational.

Just a preview of the engine buddy complained about the shift mechanism slide piece always getting stuck. He parked the bike after nursing it home stuck in 3rd gear. What I'm seeing is that one of the bearing cages (the one behind the clutch basket) came apart. Instead of being evenly spaced, all the balls are resting together. I split the cases over the weekend and found some metal inside. :-/

lvspeed January 30th, 2017 08:15 AM

PS big fun
Hi MX. Almost forgot. Starting around year 2000, ex US open class motocross champion Chuck Sun got ahold of loads of Husaberg FE models. His plan was to do guided desert rides and training. Husaberg even GAVE him his first eight 400s to get things going, if my info was right. Story was, a lot of the hot MX riders of the day went on these rides, saying they learned so much. I can just picture those peaceful group rides, with the whole pack charging for the holeshot. Doing 100 mph all over the place, getting huge air off every bump, etc. Love it!
Anyway, I bet you got one of Sun`s old bikes. Sure glad you are checking the whole works carefully. If it survived that use, should be fine for our trail cruises.
Oh, when you get sick of those rock hard tires, try Dunlop MX52. Can not believe the grip those things have. Full speed ahead! L

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