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June 2nd, 2005, 06:16 AM   #1
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Whats next?

I need to hear from the natives

What do we need in berg land now????? Looking for suggestions on what you may think would take Husaberg to the next level. So far so good, but I'm ready to catch some attention.

Throw me a bone

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June 2nd, 2005, 06:25 AM   #2
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Hi Josh,

there's bound to be better suggestions than this, but I'm going to give it because I think it would help a lot:

Merchandise for one. I've worn holes in the shirts I've bought from CafePress, and I drink coffee out of my Husaberg mug until it's got permanent stains.

You need an easy online method for a wide range of merchandise. We can't promote your product with nothing to hold, wear or ride, and we can't be riding all the time

shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, banners, graphics kits, riding gloves, etc. There's some really innovative advertising going on right now.

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June 2nd, 2005, 06:39 AM   #3
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A race replica bike. This would not be a replacement for the stardard fe model, but rather a fe-r (race). The 'berg is the best handling, lightest 4T outthere, but in my neck of the woods, the benchmark is a 250 2T, and you need to compete with them. It would have a slimmer tank (similar to those on the factory enduro bikes), a lighter ti exhaust, and no estart. A majority of the WEC bikes are of this construction.
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June 2nd, 2005, 06:46 AM   #4
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How about larger fuel tanks. fuel tanks that would allow fittment of a cooling fan or fans like KTM has made available in there hard parts catalog.
Bike armour, full skid plates, water pump guards, rotor guards etc..
A more complete "Hard Parts" offering in general.
Some sort of rider sponsership program, at least for national events such as AMA and GNCC.
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June 2nd, 2005, 08:29 AM   #5
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Hi Jedi,

The availability of a somewhat larger fuel tank. Not a Paris to Dakar type, just 3 or 3.5 gallons would be nice. I myself would prefer a 3 gallon tank as that would take me about 90 miles easy. In the hard parts section, it appears that the aux fuel tank is MIA. And from what I've read from other members, the aux tank is a real pain to install on the Kokusan (sp?) ignition fitted bikes. I think it would just need a modification to the mold to make an indentation for the ignition box and it would be good to go. Seems like that would be cheaper to do, than making a new mold for a bigger gas tank. However, I have had no problems in any of the District 37 desert races making it to the pits.

A full coverage skid plate would be good as well. Something along the line of an XR650 skid plate. One that comes up higher in the front with holes in it for air flow, and a wrap around feature on the sides, and full coverage of the bottom frame tubes.

A cooling fan retro kit for all the bikes. I race National Hare & Hounds, and regular desert races out here in Southern California. And even in the winter time races, there can be instances where you have no choice but to abuse the clutch in tight spaces, and very little forward movement sometimes, which makes my bike overheat. So it would be nice to have a small fan that would help move some air in those situations where there is not a whole lot of forward momentum.

And to that end, just having a coolant catch tank would be a great help, at least then the coolant would be pulled back in when the motor cooled a bit. Seems like this would be great for enduro's where there is allot of technical stuff with slow speeds.

Perhaps, like tm enduro suggested, having a race type model. I know Husaberg's motto is ready to race out out of the crate. But perhaps a "racers package" or "extreme off road package" or something like that, that would include the aux tank, skid plate, overflow tank, aux fan, rear disc guard, etc...x

Some sort of sponsorship program would be good, although I know that it's asking allot. But it wouldn't have to be allot either, maybe just a % off on parts etc.... say a certain amount for entering and finishing races and flying a Husaberg banner. I think that what is going to get the Husaberg's noticed is their presence at the races, and of course the trails. I think I am the only rider on a Husaberg at the District 37 desert races (350 riders average), and Grand Prix's. People are always checking out my bike and asking questions about it. The questions about how much it breaks are far and few these days, mainly b/c they see me at sign up, the start, and the finish.

The warranty that you came up with is a great idea, and didn't go un-noticed.

My two cents,
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June 2nd, 2005, 09:10 AM   #6
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I will be buying a new fe 550 shortly and the biggest problem I have is no large tank. I know that in a large part of the country a 200 mile day is unheard of but out west when dualsported that is not uncommon. A 90 -100 mile range is a nesisity. The only reason that my buddy ( who has owned 3 Husabergs and hooked me) switched to KT*****nm was for the larger tank. The underseat tank is a pain in the a** for service reasons and does not fit all that well on the 2001-2004 bikes and is really not too well for the 2005. I have carried gas in 1 gallon delo 400 bottles in a pack or on a belt and there has got to be a better way to extend the range.I am in the process of trying to make a tank out of a silencer and do the dual exhaust look to give me an extra gallon and still have easy service. Besides with the aux tank you loose that "cool, what the hell is missing from the bike?' look.
Three gallon tank, Good fitting, easy to remove and put on skid plate are my two whishes. Keep the parts availablility going strong as you are now.
BTW the warranty is the greatest thing since sliced bread and none of my buddies can belive it.
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June 2nd, 2005, 09:21 AM   #7
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iagree with the race version just not as expensive as the husky centennial model but would this not be the idea of the force edition??. what you could do is to have a limeted edition like the factory ktm 525 exc? with sump and tall frame guards brush guards full race can and an alloy tank.
if you do put me down for one
and more 'hard parts would be nice
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June 2nd, 2005, 09:29 AM   #8
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does that = 2 sales

keep em coming
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June 2nd, 2005, 10:00 AM   #9
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From: Stevenage,Hrtfordshire,uk

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providing some find their way to the uk
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June 2nd, 2005, 10:26 AM   #10
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My two old worn out pennies worth,

In my mind, being an engineer, I can really only think of few ways to sell more. Better product and cheaper price. Better product, well that really isn't necessary or an option, since they are already the best. That leaves cost. Jedi, if you are about selling more bikes, then offer them at less of a cut to yourself. Yes, you might say this isn't possible, since you already don't make much, but look at what Hyandai is doing with cars, good product, really cheap, and they are selling tons of 'em.

I see what you are asking as, how can we spread the Husaberg name and let people know these things even exist, right? Well, every dealer I go into in my area looking for something, they say, "What's a Husaberg?", and I respond with "The best dirtbike ever made, you are missing out!" Anywho, maybe a flyer, or some sort of ad campaign that simply "spreads the word". BTW the Dirt Rider ads are a great start!!!

Another way would be to show up at events. Again, I know, cost. But, the force rides wouldn't be a bad place to start. I know the east ride will be occuring at a VERY popular place for people to ride. People are going to wonder what is going on when they see 20 of these bikes they have never seen before, and whoa, look, a tent with the same logo, maybe I'll go check it out... Crap, send a letter to Two Wheel Tuesday to get them to show up and do a spot on this new growing brand that is better than the rest! You guys need to relocate to kansas or somewhere more centrally located for driving Again, too much to ask.

Promotions: For instance. Offer a package deal, maybe once a year, where one could buy a berg, and at no extra cost, they would get one set of complete riding gear covered with Husaberg logos. So often do we see the "yamaha family" or the "Honda family", maybe this would help produce a Husaberg family. On that same note, why doesn't Husaberg or KTM offer a kids bike? Granted, that is not what they are about, but a replasticked KTM 50cc might do the trick. Offer family packages.

I really like the apparel and gear idea!!! Make them the LOSS LEADER, like bananas. Don't make money on them, hoping all of us will buy at least one shirt, pants, etc...

This problem really involves all of us too, for the more you sell, the cheaper it is for us to buy one in the end!!!!

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