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ben_moto501 August 10th, 2011 10:14 AM

2004 FE450 Throttle cable
I'm not sure if my throttle cable is standard or whether it has been modified but it seems like it is too short! The throttle cable has always been routed down in front of my bars, I have just put new higher rise bars on and at the same time I wanted to route the cable/s behind the bars as it looks much tidier! Once I did this whenever I turned the bars right the revs picked up a little because the cable was being pulled. I doubled checked it was this and after I put the cable/s to their original position in front of the bars it was cured.
Like I said I have no idea whether my cable is standard but has anyone else experienced this? How did you over come it? I have heard the Yamaha cable fits and is longer but can someone clarify this and which model/year to go for?
I know it seems a bit petty but I would like to route the throttle cable behind the bars and if that means buying a new cable I see that as worthwhile!


enginenumber August 10th, 2011 04:10 PM

Re: 2004 FE450 Throttle cable
I have an 04,
the original cable should not be an issue if it is run correctly, I make sure I run the cables as straight as possible along the shortest route, I think for memory they sit either on top of or below on mine, behind the rubber tank mounts , then the tank sits neatly over the mount still.
The cables then pop out somewhere up around under the tank filler cap to the right on the frame more or less hard up under the tank, and then run on up on the back side of the bars ,the throttle housing where the cables enter is sitting in a nearly vertical position on top of the bars on mine. I also have a couple of cable ties holding the cables away from the alloy on the back of the bar clamp assembly , as this area wears a lot after many hours offroad along with the cable sheath.
I have 20mm raisers under the bar clamps also. The trick is to run the cables in a straight as line as possible , creating a smooth curve without tight bends, tight bends creates friction and extra wear I beleive and can restrick the movement and return. Keep the cable lubed from time to time also.
The first couple of times taking the cables apart i had a few issues with routing them also , fiddle around a bit and it should come right.

Another area that wears with the front brake cable running behind the headlight assembly against the rubber attacments that go around the fork leg.

I got a plastic coke bottle, cut the first 25mm off the top down below the thread wear the lid screws on , so you are left with a 25mm long cylinder shape , then burnt 4 small holes through so cable ties could be attached , then cut a vertical cut straight through the lenght of the cyclinder , pushed it onto the front brake cable and cable tied it to the rubber mount, the cable then slides and wears on the plastic cylinder instead of wearing out the rubber attaching mount.

Cables- be aware of real cheap after market throttle cables, we got one for a KTM once , it lasted about 3 rides.

Hope this helps some.

Taffy August 11th, 2011 12:46 AM

Re: 2004 FE450 Throttle cable
there are seevral longer cables it's just a case of being specific.

I always used to use WR400 cables when I first went to a keihin set-up and they're great. I believe that the KTM MXers have high bars so why not a pair off them?



ben_moto501 August 11th, 2011 08:41 AM

Re: 2004 FE450 Throttle cable
The current cable is routed the shortest possible way! Maybe it's not the right cable because there is no chance of it going behind the bars!
I did think about getting a KTM one but without knowing how long the standard cable should be, nor how long a KTM one is, I didn't know! I thought I'd ask if there is one someone could recommend to go for! I would hate to buy one only to find out I'm in the same boat!
With that in mind, would any throttle cable fit as long as the bike intended had a Keihin? I spoke to KTM in Exeter (Albion) and they couldn't tell me the lengths so I didn't know what to get!
Is the WR400 one longer than a standard Husaberg one?


ben_moto501 August 16th, 2011 01:26 PM

Re: 2004 FE450 Throttle cable
Just had a few email exchanges with a company in the US called MotionPro. I found their website and a throttle cable for my bike with +3 inches from the standard one! They list several different cables for my year bike from standard length to +1.5", +3" and +4". They were out of stock on the +4" cables so I went for the +3" one and even with postage from the US to the UK it came to approx 35!
A very good company to deal with as we exchanged about ten emails in the space of 15 or so minutes! Highly recommended!
I should have it in 5 to ten days (normally the same from a lot of UK suppliers!) and can finally route it behind my high risers! Happy days!


ORANGEBERG August 28th, 2011 10:03 PM

Re: 2004 FE450 Throttle cable
The yamaha cable is slightly longer 2 inches maybe ?? and several companies make them, if your in UK try your own homegrown Venhill brand as they are teflon lined and dont fray down near the adjuster and last forever with a smooth action.
KTM changed the inner cable lenght in 2003 and i would think Husaberg did the same, the 2002 will not fit the 2003 or later. i can find the Genuine part numbers if you need but i know the later ends with 300 and earlier 100 i also have the Venhill part numbers.


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