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husky123 July 1st, 2010 03:50 PM

Re: TE610 vs FE390 for single track
Sorry I didn't give you much last night...I was in a hurry.

But yes, as someone above mentioned I think the big 610 and the 390 are perfect for most everything you could do offroad on a motorcycle. They are a really good complement with not "much" overlap.

The good thing for you is both those bikes will do anything you ask. The 390 will run the street and the 610 will do the singletrack. There are a bunch of bikes that will split those two down the middle though.

Good luck in your quest and with your decision. 2 great motorcycles.

fizz July 1st, 2010 11:39 PM

Re: TE610 vs FE390 for single track
Wow - what a day. I am now back from work after those 8+ hours and here is the story...

At lunch I drove to the local Berg dealer with 1K cash deposit and the rest on standby and made an offer. The salesman was impressed, he went to talk to the boss, I waited, and waited, and he returned...'No, sorry cant do it'. Dang!!!!!
I didn't want to be rude or insulting, or even counter offer as my high limit was set and I used it on my first and last offer.

I drove back to work, quite upset. Now I'll have to go for the thrashed second hand one on the internet... oh well it has lots of aftermaket goodies, so I moped.

I was orderring lunch and I got a call from the dealer - with a bit of to and fro'ing, the deal was done.

I am now the owner of a new 2010 FE390 with hand guards and radiator protectors. I am waiting for it to arrive in the next 30 -45 minutes :bounce3:

Thanx for all your help in getting me to this stage.

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