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April 9th, 2010, 09:23 AM   #21
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Re: Is the site healthy?

Hey Taffy,
It's easy to be polite when you are heavily armed ! I would offer one explaination perhaps it only applies to me, but here goes.... economics. I haven't been on much lately (last year or so ) mostly because I haven't been riding much, money being tight and all, hence I'm not tearing up much equiptment and haven't needed advice. It's hard to be excited about dirt bikes when you are stressed not knowing where your next job is coming from, and sometimes logging on to the site just bums me out because I'm not riding as much as I want to. No reflection on the site or it's members. I do know that Jason is working with newer technology and I have noticed that every time I do check the site additional content and improvments have been made, I'm sure it's a time devouring process and I know he always tries to immplement suggestions, X2 on the video section, I CANNOT get enough of those crazy canucks ice racing ! Giant brass balls those lads have. Well there's my .02
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April 9th, 2010, 11:44 AM   #22
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Re: Is the site healthy?

Perhaps its a good time to revisit seperating the generations. Each generation has its own issues and the people that know how to fix them. By grouping them it should make it easier to notice posts that need attention and attract the people who can answer them. Put another way you won't have to pick through everything if you are only interested in the 01-08's.

I don't have a third generation model and consequently have no hands on knowledge regarding them ,but I do on the first two generations. Since I don't own one I don't have a huge interest in them mechanically speaking so for me all of the 09+ posts are just trashing up the place making it harder to find the real interesting stuff
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April 9th, 2010, 01:23 PM   #23
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Re: Is the site healthy?

First of all the "site" as it were is healthier than it has every been. For those that did not read about it, the old "software" had not been supported in years, and, it was only through the vigilance, dedication, and hours of work that Schwim kept the old forum format going. And it was after the umpteenth time that old format crashed that Schwim got the new software and server going to support this site. And although we had a great contribution for that first month, I have a good suspicion that was not nearly enough to cover the costs of this upgrade, I suspect that there is indeed an unreported contributor of a great degree that made this, and the continuance of this site possible. A big thank you goes out to this individual. I'm pretty sure I know who you are, but, just as I would not reveal the true identity of any super hero, I will not reveal yours either.

You know Schwim does this sort of thing for a living, web design and support, and as some of you have mentioned in this post about being burnt out on Husaberg's, can you imagine doing web site design and maint. for a living and then keeping up with this site? Only you do this as a labor of love not for a living. And, as another pointed out, the site keeps improving little by little.

Some have pointed out having a video section. I think it would be great too, BUT, that would mean Terra bytes of storage capacity. I suggest you use the vimeo and youtube insert thingies at the top of the topic reply boxes to insert your link to your video of choice, that's what they are there for.

And yes, I would love to see the site stat numbers as far as new members, hits per day, posts per day, and click through stats to those who advertise on this site. A comparison from say 2008 to 2010 if that's possible.

To Ron's point, correlate that to the decline in the economy, the "real" unemployment rate, not the rubbish that the government puts out as the governments' rate does not include those who have run out of unemployment benefits. Another good comparison would be to compare the alleged site traffic decline with the decline in sales from the motorcycle manufacturers, and the aftermarket companies decline in sales. Yes, I think that would be rather interesting indeed. I have a hunch that the demographic that makes up the typical Husaberg enthusiast is fairing much better than the demographic that would represent sales of "other" bikes. Just a hunch......

The reliability if of the new bikes is down right amazing. Of course there have been a few issues here and there, but by and large the new generation bikes have very little need for rebuild or problem solving when compared to the two previous generations. Think about it, there were some electrical problems that were traced to cracked porcelains on spark plugs, loose ECU plugs (who knows how those got loose but no problems since), an extremely limited number of pre delivery contamination of fuel tanks on some 390's. And most recently a thread concerning the fuel injectors, and the bike not starting quickly when hot after it has been sitting (working on this problem myself at the moment but the bike still runs great) If one compares this to a lot of other off road motorcycles these stats become even more astounding.

A good case in point is Dustbites tour bikes, (2-450's & 2-570's) 500 hours before needing any real attention, and then it was just piston and rings for 3 of the 4 bikes, and one needed a cylinder as well. And more recently one of his 570's needed an injector. Not even the need for a valve adjustment per se, just the replacement of the exhaust valve shims as they seem to wear, not the valves or seats. Simply amazing!!

Pretty amazing stat for a first year run of a new model line of motorcycles. Think back on all the different problems that the 01-08's had, cracking center cases on the 01-02's, 15 -20 hour valve adjustments up through the 03 motor and 40 hour intervals beginning with the 04 models, main bearing failures on the 650's, etc etc. But, really by about 05 or 06 most of those problems had been solved and it was down to tuning.

While I was writing this post, I see that Husabutt has come on and posted another point that I was going to make. And that was an idea that I had some time back about separating the bikes into the 3 generations of bikes, each with their own tech section. As I pointed out to Schwim at the time, I would be glad to go through every single thread and move it to the appropriate generation section. Again, to Husabutt's point, this would make it easier to find solutions to each generation of bikes problems. And it would also illustrate once again the bullet proof design of the new bikes.

So now you don't have the traffic of folks looking to solve problems, or needing advice on their bikes as fit, finish, and tuning from the factory provided documentation has steadily improved. Most markedly with the introduction of the 2004 model and the production of that model year forward being moved to Austria, and the addition of the Kokusan ignition and FCR carb added to the line of bikes made for huge improvement in reliability and tuneability, which you Taffy had a lot to with-Thank You!

It seems that there are a lot of posts about getting the set up right on the new bikes as far as spring rates go, and getting the right gearing.

As far as moderators go, for the most part the site needs little moderation other than some tidying up to put posts in their correct place as far as content is concerned. As most of the contributors here are respectful, and tactful. This was noticed by a lot of our sponsors for FR 3 and ultimately led to them wanting to be involved in this enthusiast based function of people who enjoyed their motorcycles, provided solutions to problems, and were not throwing their bikes under the bus so to speak. It is a rare occasion that any of the moderators have to step in and take action when someone spits the dummy and is no longer playing nice in the sand box with the others.

If anyone has some specifics-as in threads/posts where you think the moderators could do better please post them here in this thread so that we can learn and move forward. If no one ever says anything then we will not know.

And to your point Taffy, it is the people that are the "X" factor. If no one is posting about the pre 09 bikes, it is the owners of these bikes that are not posting for one reason or another. My guess they don't need something, or choose to no longer participate for whatever reasons are their own. Bushy continues to post with helpful information that can be used in both the newer and the older bikes, most recently his gearing excel sheet, what a great tool!
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April 9th, 2010, 03:28 PM   #24
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Re: Is the site healthy?

OI Dale !

that excel sheet came off the old chaingang website, it was a free download at the time. its no longer linked on their new site. I don't have the patience or state of mind to work succsessfully in excel

I think What Taffy would like to see ? is the people who know a lot and are testing new stuff to post it up. I know and he knows there is a lot of development going on ATM with all kinds of things but its not on the open forum.

that is fair enough on the part of those who choose not to post it and I'm as grateful as all hell that some of them share what they are doing with me.

I do know for sure they would not share if I didn't post anything.

so the x factor could be improved greatly if even only just a few more people made even only 1 post per week, thats not much!
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April 9th, 2010, 05:05 PM   #25
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forget the navel gazing !

forget the navel gazing !

just ride, fix the bikes or tell us about both

the site still has the most Berg users, info and Berg associated stuff on the whole web

all other sites still defer to UHE for Berg info

you have built it...............they have come

and are still reading & watching

just dont stress if its a little passive

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April 9th, 2010, 05:23 PM   #26
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Re: Is the site healthy?

this site was so important for others like me who jumped into the deep end buying a bike that knowone had,but from 04 models onwards there is very few problems only general matinence the same as any other brand.
now its probably not a necessity like it was when you bought a husaberg.
the owners doc is a fantastic tool that i'm sure we all use,but at the same time taffy,it has killed the conversation,in now that we don't have to ask so many questions anymore.
hey remember husaberg use to manufacture motox/enduro & supermoto @ 3 different capacity bikes 450/550/650
last year husaberg was only manufacturing a 450/570 enduro bike.that in itself has to have a negitive effect on the people visit the much is there to talk about on a 450/570 enduro bike?
i know taffy,dr-c ,bushy,myself & others who are fairly mechanically minded are a little un-stimulated the lack mechanical imput,but that can't really be helped,not all of us are brought up the same way.the people on this site is just a typical cross section of any community.
if you want a bit more stimulation you could go on thumper talk/ktm talk,of course, it is not specialised like our husaberg site,but they have many more numbers & with that goes more knowledge & more ideas,even if it is on other brands.i personlly don't go looking on other sites,mainly cause i don't have time to browse all day,but if bushy sends me a link to something he finds interesting on another site its probably a sure bet i too will be interested.
sorry i can't really add too much interesting stuff for the mechanically minded as late,cause i really haven't had to do anything to it ,appart from fine tune & blast through the bush whenever i get a chance.
keeping the husaberg going is only a very small percentage of the mechanical work i do.
probably one thing we all should do,is to take more videos/photos of different rides that we do & post them up.
its always good to see what other people ride in,different climates & different landscapes etc.
a couple of posts spring to mind from a while back, one i think was cyphers 4am ride & another was dale eo's huskys grave site in the middle of nowhere.
if we can catigorise the 3 different era's of bikes on the forum, i think that would have to be better.
downloads & classifieds is another that spring to mind.
just my 2c ..weed..
& where the hell is the spell check ,now i look like the redneck country bumpkin like i really am
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April 9th, 2010, 08:18 PM   #27
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Re: Is the site healthy?

another is

navel gazing is good for ideas

one example
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April 9th, 2010, 10:44 PM   #28
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Re: Is the site healthy?

Taffy is perhaps right, in that we need more threads, how about a definitive one on
crank, counterbalancer, bearings etc, if it works out like the last one it should
keep the site busy for quite some time. LOL

Cheers spanner
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April 10th, 2010, 09:43 AM   #29
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Re: Is the site healthy?

Originally Posted by spanner
Taffy is perhaps right, in that we need more threads, how about a definitive one on
crank, counterbalancer, bearings etc, if it works out like the last one it should
keep the site busy for quite some time. LOL

Cheers spanner
feel free to start one.

The fact is though that there are only a few people on the site that have the technical interest and knowledge to into the detail that these in-depth threads require, so the really 'technical' threads are always going to be thin on the ground

most of us are happy as long as our bikes start, go, stop reliably and give us a laugh.

Doesnt mean they're not worth doing as sometimes they are an interesting read even to the layman (me)
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April 10th, 2010, 03:05 PM   #30
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Re: Is the site healthy?

The "Latest Posts" section on the Homepage is definitely not latest. They are all stuck on my computer.
I see the same ones every day and they are from weeks ago.
I will lso repeat some good suggestions.
Who's online right now?
Is there just a number who is in the lounge? And if someone will the name be revealed?
Bikes and parts on the Homepage. Does anyone want them?
Same Gallery pictures day after day after day. If there are no new can we get a rotation of
something. Anything.

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