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KustomCandy January 28th, 2010 01:26 PM

05 FS450 converted to FE Q:
I've been looking for a FE501 close by for the coin I have and only came up with over priced or out of reach by Distance. (Australia)

I'm looking for a bike to trail ride and play race with, So a good Enduro bike I can do some DSing with.

But Now I see this FS450(converted to enduro with lights and such) which has come up for grabs, and its close by....... and within my budget. Not to mention the best looking bike so far!

By Question is can I dual sport the bike? I'm looking for a bike mostly for Dirt action. The Tarmac will be for getting out of town.

Do the FS's have the same Wide ratio Box as their brother FEs?

Thoughts, comments?


Taffy January 29th, 2010 12:38 AM

Re: 05 FS450 converted to FE Q:
i doubt that the suspension is really nice if converteed using the same original FS gear.

this isn't going to be cheap but you really can pick up off-road forks and a rear shock for a song! try and get them and sell your FS items, you'll make a profit i think. that leaves the front mudguard as well.

you can live with FE suspension on the road but not the other way around. to be honest though, i'd leave it on the road and still save for a cheap dirt bike because they really aren't, when gleaming, worth trashing in the mud and my experience shows people buy them to dual but leave them on the road coz they simply look too nice!

they have the same gearbox ratios.



HeyJohnnyPark February 2nd, 2010 06:39 AM

Re: 05 FS450 converted to FE Q:
My questions is how did they get the 21-Inch to fit with the Radial Caliper? I have this issue still that the 21-inch rim (spokes) rubs very bad on the caliper, you cannot run it this way at all.

KustomCandy February 3rd, 2010 11:14 PM

Re: 05 FS450 converted to FE Q:
JonnyPark, He dropped the Disc/Caliper all together and used parts from the FE.

When I questioned the owner about the set up, He informed me that He wanted to keep the Original Disc/Cal set up, But as you said it rubbed. Thankfully.... I would think the Damage waiting from Rocks or deep rut riding would far out-way the benefits of using the FS Disc off road. :(

He mentioned that he had to use the end caps/Caliper support ends from the FEs forks bottoms to achieve all this. I guess because the money had already been spent on the Forks internal conversion?

Oh and as you mentioned Taffy....... He also confirmed the FS Suspension was waaay to stiff for off road use.
Susp feels nicely progressive and plush now.


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