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June 26th, 2004, 04:28 PM   #1
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Jetting 2003 FE501e

I saw Adam85's post regarding his dyno run and exhaust readings on the dyno.
His jetting is MJ 190,PJ 35 (now 56),NJ DR266,Needle K51 pos #3,Start jet 45.

I figured his elevation is similar, though my ambient is considerably higher; 110F.

My stock jetting MJ 185, PJ 35, NJ DR272, Needle K51 pos #2,Start jet 45, Slide 40
I knew my engine was a little lean by the exhaust pipe color and my headers got very hot when riding slow, tight singletrack. So I decided to try his settings.

I bought 5 new pilot jets ( 42 through 52) and 4 main jets (188 through 195).

I installed the 48 PJ and the 192 MJ. The engine started better than ever. Yesterday, I rode up and down the street a few times to make sure the jetting wasn't excessively rich. The front wheel came up much more easily and higher (without me pulling on the bars), it just torqued right up in the air. Cool, can't wait to try it in the dirt.

This morning, we went to the Four Peaks Area, 2500 ASL, 110+F. The bike started easily. Rode around to warm the engine. First hill, noticibly more torque and grunt from the engine. Rode up in third gear and didn't need to touch the clutch, previously I could only use second with the old jetting. The bike is definitely quicker through the entire range. No more death rattles when lugging up hills. The exhaust looks great, no carbon. Twice I swapped ends in turns because the engine has more immediate power. When I rolled on the throttle, the rear broke loose and whipped around. We have a section af trails that are 3 feet wide and zig zag back and forth. The trail is none stop whoops. The bike more effectively jumped the whoops coming of of the turns.

I hope others can extrapolate their jetting needs from this. The bike performs much better than the stock jetting.

MJ 192, PJ 48, NJ DR272, Needle K51 pos #2, Start jet 45, Slide 40

Thank you Adam85 for posting your dyno info.
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June 27th, 2004, 12:25 AM   #2
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I to have also richened my jetting up as I have also found better starting habits, more torque, and better throttle response through the whole range with this vs. lean jetting. I was convinced that my carburetor settings were too rich when delivered and so I slowly started to lean things out and experiment with various setups suggested from others. I always felt that I was going in the wrong direction but continued as I have no real background experience with fuel delivery. Only after putting everything back to the original factory settings did I notice how much power I had lost from all my changes and also the starting got much easier. Like its been said before, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".

One good thing came out of this experience though. I have become that much more familiar with my Husaberg internals and gained more confidence to tackle the next problem that will arise.
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2003, fe501e, jetting

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