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May 19th, 2012, 02:59 PM   #11
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

hi guys.just joining in on your thread.i have a 7 week old 2012 fe 570 with acro slip on and 3 pos map switch.brand new,had my brother pick up the bike for me and has been hard to start cold since i got it off the on the queensland border so extreme low temps are not a prob.i have found that it is not injecting from dead cold start,it cranks for about 6 to 8 secs and backfires,then cranks couple more and backfires again,then starts.never starts before backfire.have tried all the suggestions,like cold start button out (makes cranking time longer and not even backfire)checking and adjusting idle screw (no real difference)hitting start button and waiting for pump to prime(primes up every time)tried air filter out or in (no diff).what i did find after first air filter clean and re oil,the thing started before i took my finger off the starter button.this tells me it is too lean on cold start.i put a piece of paper down the throttle body and cranked it in the throttle off position 3to 4 times and pulled the paper out,BONE DRY.IT DOES NOT GET FUEL UNTIL IT BACKFIRES.have taken it back to the shop and they say cant falt it,strange it happens every time for me.finaly got jack of all this and filmed every start,took it back to shop and left it there.see what they come up with.i'm thinking map switch,line pressure or injector,but then there's also comp,crank angle sensor,start awitch,is there something i have missed?
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May 19th, 2012, 03:23 PM   #12
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

Mine is having the camshaft replaced under warranty as we speak. Mine is hard to start cold or hot to the point where it wouldn't start at all. The autodecomp on the camshaft seems to be plaguing some but not others.
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May 20th, 2012, 12:59 AM   #13
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

My -11 570 was back in time (0-30h motor time) a pretty hard starter too. Easily took 5secs or more from dead cold start to get it running. Backfired and sputtered, was kinda embarrassing lol.

Then I messed with the idle speed screw. Increased the idle and that helped a bit. Changed both fuel filters inside the tank at 50h and that "maybe" gave it a extra second or so quicker starting and a bit snappier throttle + no low speed stalling anymore. Now few days ago I messed with my User Setting Tool and gave the bike a good ~10% more fuel at the idle closed throttle range. Now it starts in a flash of light and usually cranks 2 or 3 times only, first crank every time when motor is running correct temps.

It idles alot smoother now and the exhaust pulse is more stronger, I can feel it it hitting way harder from distance when I'm standing behind. Before it was only faint puff puff now it slaps pretty hard, like a 450 mx bike.
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May 26th, 2012, 07:08 PM   #14
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

New 2011 FE 570 S. After a month had the dealership remap ignition to European to enrichen the fuel mixture. Bike would atart after 6-8 seconds of sputtering and backfiring. Called the dealer to listen to the problem and the engine fired up right away. Made a liar out of me. Dealer said to turn idle up a couple of clicks. The next day the same 6+ second backfire before it lights up. Thoughts: fuel pump, ignition mapping, injector, etc. Live near sea level in south LA. Thanks for the feedback as warranty is good for a few more months.
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May 27th, 2012, 08:15 AM   #15
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

I have a 2011 FE570S, and it too was difficult to start.

Part of the problem is the factory muffler. That thing is a study in restrictiveness. You may not have the legal option in Kalifornia to repace it with an aftermarket unit, but you can make some internal modifications that will be of some help. There's a thread here on the subject.

Another problem is the rediculous smog gear on the bike. There's an electrically controlled evaporative canister under the left rear fender, and a valve on the right side of the cylinder head with associated plumbing all the way back to the canister. If you want your motorcycle to run like the engine designers intended, that junk has got to go. (But you'll be illegal in California.)

Your 2010 should be completely broken in by now, but I discovered that my bike was harder to start when new and became progressively (and slightly) easier to start as it broke in.
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May 27th, 2012, 08:59 AM   #16
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Re: 2010 FE 570 hard starting cold

Auto decomp is suspect - battery and starter will never spin the engine over unless the auto decomp is operating correctly. Seems to affect quite a few of them. Search this site you will find it.
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