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Die Bergie June 10th, 2011 03:19 PM

Help! Engine Map switch vs Engine Mapping
I know this type of topic has been discussed over and over, but after searching all the threads I could find I donŽt have a good answer for what follows:

Just got my 570 about 2 weeks ago. It does not have the power I expected (my KDX200 has more grunt and topend) and seems to be running a bit lean and hot. Is the solution to get the engine map switch to switch to a more aggressive mapping, or does it require being sent to the dealer for a new šless greenšmap?

I also managed to make matter worse by removing part of the exhaust endcap pipe to improve air flow and reduce engine temperature, improve sound and hopefully get a bit more HP. Now it backfires really bad - visible flames in broad daylight. The fueling is terrible: nothing at low throttle, then a burst of power wich fizzles out before it realy gets going.

aaronc70 June 11th, 2011 05:30 AM

Re: Help! Engine Map switch vs Engine Mapping
Well, your new 570 should still be much more lively than your KDX but, you need to get your Fuel Control Unit (black box under the seat, under a plastic cover)flashed to the competition map. It makes the bike run cooler with less backfiring. I sent mine to "The Race Shop" in Atlanta and they did it for $25 bucks or so and sent it back. The map switch allows you to choose between 3 different fuel maps (aggressive, normal and "traction"). Whether you have the stock or competition flash in your ECU, you have 3 choices of curves, but you have to have the switch or make your own with resistors and other electrical bits.
FWIW, I still had fuel problems associated with the exhaust heating the fuel. Wrapping the header and covering the bottom of the tank with reflective tape has helped, but i eventually had to replace the fuel pump.

CodeMonkey June 11th, 2011 12:56 PM

Re: Help! Engine Map switch vs Engine Mapping
Yes, a correctly setup 570 will have more than enough power, certainly more than the 200 KDX.

As mentioned, the problem is probably that you are not running the correct EFI map. The dealer should have reflashed the EFI/ECU before he/she sold you the bike. If you can't get the dealer to do it for you, there are others that will for a nominal fee.

I have to run my 570 on "soft" when trail riding, otherwise the front wheel is always three feet in the air or I am looping the bike. Even with it on the soft setting I have plenty of power, it is just a bit delayed and not so fast to loft the front wheel - kind of like a softer throttle cam.

The only place I desire more power is on the pavement, and there are fairly simple solutions for that (seat mod to give it more air, pipe mod to free up the exhaust), but at this point I only use the bike for trail riding. Maybe this coming winter I will get a snowbike kit and then I will need/want all the power I can get.

Die Bergie June 12th, 2011 07:15 AM

Re: Help! Engine Map switch vs Engine Mapping
Aaron & Codemonkey,

thanks for the info IŽll give it a shot. Guess I was a bit fedup and exagerating when I said my KDX200 has more power...

I currently ride at altitude (9000-12000 ft) in Peru and it is probably not fair to compare that with riding at a much lower altitude back home. IŽve got someone bringing me a map switch from the states. When I get a chance IŽll ship the ECU off to the dealer in Lima for an updated map - if they have the capability to do it there. Hopefully I can bum some heat tape off one of the riders here.

I also read in some posts that the ECU has to šlearnšnew engine settings after a change (like gutting the exhaust). I did this yesterday and there seemed to be an improvement. IŽll go and trail test today to make sure and report back.

Wish I was a bit closer to proper bike and accessory stores. However the riding here makes up for inconveniences like that. :D

Die Bergie June 12th, 2011 10:56 AM

Re: Help! Engine Map switch vs Engine Mapping
Happy to report that the bike is running much better now. Definately more power than my KDX200!

I guess some of my initial perception of lack of power also has something to do with riding style - got to learn not to ride it like a 2-stroke. I was revving the bejesus out of it, hitting the rev limiter in every gear. Now riding it at much lower revs and a gear higher, it behaves much better.

Next stop: sort out the suspension and get rid of that nervous feeling in the front end

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