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mp8075 May 3rd, 2011 08:39 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump

Originally Posted by Garrison
Thanks for the write up and pics. On my first ride on the 390 my bike was showing the overheating and sticking pump symptoms. It would take a couple of minutes to restart each time, but otherwise would run fine. Made some quiries with the dealer, but they're useless. (they recommended that I try the hot start button, which is the cold start to you and me).

I figured I might as well deal with it myself. I ordered the ca pump and gates line. Any particular clamps you're using? I want to make sure whatever I use will work with the unbarbed line.

Thanks everyone.

Nothing special about the clamps I used. I bought a varity pack of clamps from the auto parts store. I first tried a different style of clamp that was a solid metal band, but I couldn't get them tight enough so I went to that more common type of clamp.

Like I said in my earlier post, I don't have any significant time on this yet so I am don't know how my installation is going to hold up. I can't get past thinking that that part of the fuel delivery system is fragile and it has me worried that I made a mistake somewhere that will come back to bite me later. Oh well, time will tell. I hope the new pump solves your problems, and if not, then you have an extra pump.

Garrison May 3rd, 2011 09:13 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump

Originally Posted by BigBlueBerg
Garrison, Did you try talking to the guys at A&E Racing? They may have some advice!


Hey Blue. My plan was to install the header wrap and tank reflective heat tape to try to bring the temps down a bit and see what the net result is. My fuel was boiling on the first ride we did. I thought maybe in our cooler Canuck temps it wouldn't be so much of an issue for me as it is for the southern US or Australian riders, but it definitely runs hot. We'll see if the wrap and tape does anything.

I'll also look at the stock fuel filter, just in case it's gummed up. I rinsed the tank from new, although from what I hear now maybe I should have used solvent or pressure washing to really clean it out. Plus the dealership would have run it during the initial PDI. Maybe it snorted some tank goo.

If it doesn't work with these efforts I'll put in the other pump. Worst case is I now have a spare pump, so for less than $150 that's a cheap fix. Asking A&E is a good idea, and they might have some insight. But realistically they'd probably be like most shops and say 'bring it in and we'll have a look'. (Which is totally fair of course - they're a business after all!) And I'm not about to waste a day to drive all the way to Brooks and hang around while they work on it. I figure with the steps I'm taking I'll get it sorted - and with the help of all the awesome experts on this site! Thanks for the tip. Have you been out on yours yet?

dakota_c69 May 3rd, 2011 02:33 PM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump

Originally Posted by Garrison
... On my first ride on the 390 ...

Hey Garrison,

I was just wondering where did you go riding?

I was out to a gravel pit a couple of times since I got the bike and had no heat issues at all. The fan didn't even come on. Have you considered ceramic coating the pipe?? S'posed to be better than the the wrap and no maintenance .


Garrison May 3rd, 2011 02:51 PM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
Ceramic coating is a good idea. Maybe I'll do that in the offseason, or sooner if I can find someone locally who can do a quick turnaround.

We trailered to the Lake Kookanusa area a week ago. It was awesome riding - pretty warm out and dry and dusty conditions. It's my new favorite riding area. I think we'll be going there again on the 15th.

My fan only came on a couple of times, and only for a few seconds. I still boiled the fuel though.

69candy May 4th, 2011 04:51 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
R u guys sure its the fuel boiling?? Reason I ask is I was riding on the weekend and there was another berg with me, 09 570 mine is a 2010 570. Both bikes boiled at the same time and we switched them of to let them cool down, 1st gear in tight trees tring to make a track. When I got my helmet of I could hear the bubbling and thought, theres a first, I have boiled my fuel as well. Upon inspection it was the coolant boiling in the rad but not comming out the overflow. I was sure it was the fuel but it wasn't. and when you think about it, if fuel was boiling and bubbleing, I for one would not like to be around it with those fumes!!! You may well be doing it, I don't know, but takes a fair bit of heat to boil, I would think that if it was that hot, the tank would melt. How do I know? When my bike was on fire in the shed with the tank melting and on fire, the fuel was not boiling, it was just leaking out from around where the tank was melting away and fueling the fire.
Food for thought??

Garrison May 4th, 2011 08:18 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
Thanks for the input. I'll definitely give it a closer look next ride.

My hunch is that it was the fuel though. I bought my bike in January, and dumped the coolant to install my rad guards. Knowing that it would be sitting in a freezing garage, I added 50/50 coolant and distilled water. If I recall, that raises the boiling point another 20 degrees or so. It's certainly still possible that it was boiling coolant, but I only heard the fan come on a couple of times and only for a few seconds, so I assumed the coolant wasn't overly hot. Definitely food for thought though. I'll look into it next ride.

I don't know if header wrap and tank reflective tape will have any affect on my starting-when-hot issues. Couldn't hurt I guess. If it still has issues I'll swap out the pump. Tracking numbers indicate it should be showing up today.

mp8075 May 4th, 2011 10:26 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
Last summer while riding at Taylor Lake I also thought my fuel was boiling. I could hear the percolating sound. Upon further inspection it was the coolant in the lower line. I put a screw driver up to the line and then put my ear to the end of the screw driver. I could both feel and hear the coolant bubbling inside the line. I have no tank liner or header wrap on mine, although I do have a fan, and have had it very warm, but have yet to have the fuel boil.

Garrison May 4th, 2011 11:04 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
Good advice. Thanks! I just did some reading on coolant, and it sounds like I need to go to straight water or water + Water Wetter. I can lower my temps that way, from what I gather.

Sorry to hijack this away from fuel pump issues! I'll shut up now. At least until I try my new pump.

mp8075 May 9th, 2011 09:09 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
I was able to do a decent test ride yesterday. New ca-cycle fuel pump seems to be working just fine under normal conditions. It wasn't hot enough to see if the over heating issue is gone. I have a race in a couple weeks which will be a thorough test.

69candy May 10th, 2011 04:52 AM

Re: Aftermarket fuel pump
Good news. Keep us in the loop

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